Chocolate Stain Removal

Chocolate Stain on the Carpet

In order to remove chocolates stains from a carpet, the first step that should be employed is to remove the maximum possible stuff with hand. Care must be taken that this step does not serve to increase the stain size. A spoonful of a neutral detergent is added to one-cup warm water. The resulting solution is blotted onto the spot. A cloth dampened with clean water is pressed against the affected area. A solution of ammonia in water is prepared by adding 1 volume of ammonia to 5 or 8 volumes of plain water. This mixture is dabbed onto the chocolate spot. The stained area is then dabbed with plain water. The entire process may be repeated.

Another method designed to eliminate chocolate stains from carpets is to let the chocolate solidify. Once the chocolate has hardened, it should be scraped off using a blunt knife or a scraper. The stained area is then directly poured with hot water. Pouring is continued until the chocolate spot is completely eliminated. A chocolate stain should be dealt with as soon as it is acquired, to avoid the difficulties faced while removing an old cocoa stain.

Chocolate Stain on Clothing

The loose chocolate on the garment is removed using a paper towel. A thick past is formed by adding a small amount of water to a detergent powder. A little paste is applied to the chocolate stained fabric. The detergent paste is made to penetrate the material by means of gentle rubbing. It is allowed to set for about 10 minutes. The fabric is then machine-washed. If the stain has completely disappeared, the fabric is dried. Otherwise it is again applied with the paste and allowed to set.

Another effective method for removing chocolate stains from fabrics is to soak the stained garment in a mixture of bleach, detergent and hot water, followed by rinsing and laundering. Yet another method involves the application of heavy cream onto the stained area, followed by rinsing and washing. If a chocolate stained garment is applied with white vinegar and then put out in open sunlight for several hours, the stain disappears. A garment can also be soaked in cold water to get rid of the cocoa stain. A suitable chemical for removing cocoa stains is hydrogen peroxide.

As chocolate stains are quite stubborn, the process for removing these stains involves multiple steps, the first of which is to rinse the backside of the stained region with cool water. Liquid detergent is rubbed on the affected area and is kept applied for about 5 minutes. The garment is soaked in a tub containing cold water for duration of 10 to 15 minutes. After regular intervals, the stained area is rubbed. After the fabric has been rinsed, it can be made to go through the entire process once again if the stain is still visible. In the end, the stained region can be applied with a stain removing stick, a stain gel or a stain remover spray to remove any oily remains.

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