How to clean a DVD, tips for cleaning a DVD

Nobody really wants to encounter skips or stops when watching a movie, seriously! And how much more if you are watching a blockbuster movie or if you are someone who is hooked on a DVD series. Here are ways on how to clean your DVD and prevent this from happening to you.

Microfiber cloths as your prime tool in cleaning. This item is highly recommended for cleaning DVDs because it is made out of fine synthetic fabrics that do not leave any scratch on your disc. More than that, it does not spread dust or particles onto your disc but it can actually absorb them. If you have yet to be familiar with this item, microfiber cloths are the ones used in cleaning LCDs, eyeglasses and mirrors.

Make alcohol your cleaning solvent. As most technologically advanced products are, your DVDs are also highly sensitive. Thus, it requires careful and delicate handling. Alcohol as your cleaning agent would be of great benefit since it easily evaporates unlike any other solvent that would even leave residues on your disc. Simply apply a liberal amount of water and alcohol (1:1 amount) onto a cotton cloth and wipe gently on the disc starting from the center to its outer edges. Then, leave it on a vertical position for at least 5 minutes to facilitate drying.

Window cleaner to bust out grease and oil. Sticky residues are most likely to cause big time skips when watching DVD movies. Thus, it would be best to immediately wipe it off with a window cleaner like the one bought in the supermarket – Windex. This may not be really economical for some, but it does work effectively. Same with the benefits of alcohol, it leaves no residue too and does not cause irritation to the nose since it has no strong odor. Spraying the solvent directly to the DVD is not advisable. Instead, using it on a cotton cloth would be better. Gently wipe the DVD on the same manner, start from the center and work your way out to its edges. Leave it on a vertical position for a few minutes to allow drying.

Use a bright light to evaluate light scratches. This facilitates viewing of deep scratches. If you happen to see lights passing through the scratches, it means that some data stored in the layer of the discs have been damaged. To solve this problem, you may immediately have to burn the DVD through a DVD-R to save the data from further damage.

Toothpaste to buff off light scratches. And yes, I know you are shocked with this information. Toothpaste actually has an abrasive agent that can clean your DVD just as it does to your teeth and facilitates buffing off light scratches. Mix it with a little water and use a clean cotton cloth. However, you have to keep in mind that DVDs are not as strong as your teeth, so gentle application is required when doing this.

The best way to prove things is to test it. Jump off to your cabinet now and look for an antique DVD and try the above outlined steps. It may not become a shiny DVD as it was before, but rest assured that it will be working smoothly when played. Now the challenge for you is to prove this procedure if it really works.


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