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Yeah, you read that right.

Although the idea of comparing cell phones to toilet seats is downright disgusting, the cold hard facts tell us that they’re much more similar than we’d like to think.  Those little babies that we lovingly chat on day in and day out (we’re talking about the cellphone here, not the toilet seat) are actually a prime breeding ground for millions of bacteria.  And that’s the nice way of putting it.

If you want numbers then here they are:

There are tens of thousands of nasty microbes living on each square inch of your precious cell phone.  UK researches discovered that many of the phones they tested were even carrying Staphylococcus aureus.  Want to know what this bug does?  It causes everything from pimples to pneumonia.  Phones in a different study were also found to have yeast and fungus growing on the outside.

And you’re putting this thing up to your face everyday.  Nice.

Why are they so dirty?  It’s the perfect combination of your spit (nice thought), dead skin cells, and oil, blended with a warm, cozy device with lots of little cracks that never, ever gets cleaned.  It’s no wonder they’re so nasty.  At least a toilet gets bleach once in awhile.

And if you let other people talk on your cell, then it’s even worse.

Their mojo gets mixed in with your mojo, and the bacteria has an all night rave party after that.   It just keeps getting better, right? Motorola has recently come out with a phone that is covered with an anti-microbial coating that prevents germs from breeding.  If you’re lucky enough to have one of these babies then you’re ahead of the game.For those of us still talking on our outdated Samsung’s, then we’re going to need anti-bacterial wipes.  Lots of them.  And maybe a flu shot.


Microfiber cloths, baby wipes…. well that or those little rubbing alcohol wipes and a lint free cloth.

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