Cubic Zirconia Stone How To Clean

Cubic zirconia stone is widely used as a fashion statement. Aside from its diamond like appearance, it is also desired due to its cheap price. However, proper cleaning is also important to maintain the sparkling and shiny appearance of your stone.

Cleaning cubic zirconia stone is simple and fast. The things that you will need are mild dish soap, plastic bowl, warm water or distilled water and lint free cloth.

Here are the few steps in keeping cubic zirconia stone clean and bright:

  • It is important to use a mild cleaning agent in keeping your stone clean. Get a small bowl and pour in warm water. Add your mild dish soap into the bowl and stir.
  • Drop you cubic zirconia stone into your bowl with mild soapy solution.
  • Allow your stone to sit for several minutes.
  • Get your stone and scrub it gently with a soft cotton cloth. Pay particular attention to the crevices and back portion.
  • Rinse your cubic zirconia stone with distilled water. Remove any soap residue as this may produce foggy stone appearance.
  • Wipe your stone with a lint free cloth and keep it air dry.
  • Place it back to your jewelry box. Now you have a glossy clean cubic zirconia stone.

Cubic zirconia stone should be cleaned in a gentle manner as they are very delicate. Avoid using strong cleaning agent as this can remove the coat of your stone. Proper maintenance of your cubic zirconia stone also includes wiping the stone with lint free cloth every after use. Dirt, oil and grime may accumulate your stone and produce a cloudy appearance.

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