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How to Clean a Dark Grout

Grout is composed of sand and cement and is inculcated in between tiles. If grout is not routinely cleaned, it will harbor mildew and dirt. It will then become discolored over time. Cleaning grout is easy and the cleaning products are just available at home.

Here are the important steps in keeping your grout clean:

  • Get a plastic bowl or a small bucket and pour in 2-3 cups of warm water. Add 10 drops of mild liquid detergent and a cup of baking soda. Stir the solutions properly and pour it inside an empty bottle spray.
  • Shake the spray bottle and spray your soapy solution on dirty grout. Allow the solution to soak for 10 to 15 minutes. This will loosen dirt particles on the soiled area.
  • Brush the area with a soft bristle brush. Scrub as hard as you can to properly remove dirt particles. You can also use a sponge or a soft cotton cloth. Avoid using hard scrubber as it can damage the grout.
  • For stubborn dirt, mix another cleaning solution. Pour in 2 cups of water into a small bucket. Add 1 cup white vinegar and half cup of chlorinated bleach. Mix the solution properly and place it inside a bottle spray.
  • Spray the dirty grout and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Scrub off the dirt with a brush.
  • Use a sponge and moisten it with warm water. Wipe the area to remove the cleaning solution. Repeat this step until no more cleaning solution is left on the area.
  • You can also apply a steam cleaner on dark grout.
  • Wipe the area with a clean old towel and allow it to dry. You can turn on your fan or open the windows to facilitate dryness.

You can also use ammonia cleaning solution for stubborn dirt particles but make sure to wear rubber gloves and mask as this can be very dangerous once inhaled. Avoid using hard brushes as it can damage your grout.

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Dirty Grout – How to Clean Tuesday 15th of March 2011
[…] For grouts that are not so dirty, take a solution of hot water and oxyclean powder. This is considered the easiest way in cleaning dirty grout. All you have to do is to pour 1 cup of the powder into a 2 gallon of hot water and mix it thoroughly (let the powder dissolve totally into the gallon of water). Use a floor mop when cleaning and dip its head into the solution one at a time. Keep it going until you will see the dirt removed from the grout. […]

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