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If the job is overwhelming sit in a chair in the room that needs decluttering – yes, go sit in the room and look around. Have a cup of coffee or tea and put your favorite music on. While you’re sitting there look to see what single item you can go put where it belongs or throw away. Go do that, and go sit down and have some more coffee. Scan as you’re sitting and see what big items can easily be moved somewhere else. Get up and go move them. Back to your music and coffee. Take a trash bag and go around and get all the easy-to-see things that are being thrown away. Go back and have more coffee

By now the job should look a little overwhelming. Repeat the above type of approach until the room is looking so much better you’re inspired to “just go take care of that” before quitting.


Another approach (for the less overwhelmed) is get a giant trash bag for each category of item (trash, clothes, books, CD’s, toys, to be washed, etc.). Toss each item into the appropriate bag, and at least the room is cleaned. You can then deal with each bag one at a time, at your leisure.


If the clutter problem is too much furniture, and there’s no place else to put the furniture all you can do is try to arrange it in a way that makes it looks the least cluttered. Do things like hide small tables or cabinets at the side of a sofa, where nobody can see the item unless they walk over to that part of the room. Look at the wall windows are on and see if moving things on that wall or away from that wall would make the room look roomier. If you can buy cabinets to put things in that may help. Ask if certain items could be put in rooms you wouldn’t think to put them in – a hall, the kitchen, the bathroom. Sometimes some items actually work well in rooms you’d never think they would.

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