Disks How To Clean

Here are a few useful tips to clean your priceless assortment of disks.

But before you try these techniques, remember that the disk media is very delicate and you may unintentionally damage the gleaming reflective surface if you are not careful.

Here are the techniques to clean your disks:

  • If dirt stays on the disk surface area you may use soft fabric to wipe off the dirt. To hold the disks, put the finger or thumb in the center spot of the disk or by the sides but do not touch the shiny surface.
  • If the disks surface area feels to be sticky or even greasy, mix a mild shampoo with lukewarm water and damp a cotton or even soft fabric to gently touch the disk surface on that point. Make sure the disk is totally dry (no water drops or moisture) before getting these techniques or steps done.
  • If you can find finger print marks on the disk surface, you may touch the soft material on with Isopropyl Alcohol/Ethanol/Methanol and gently wipe the surface. Never make use of a petroleum-based solvent like acetone since it may permanently damage the disk surface.
  • When there’s no alcohol based products for sale from the neighboring market, you can make use a jar of mineral water to wash the dirty disk surface area. Ordinary faucet water has high volume of salts that could leave white marks on the disk surface.
  • You may always wipe the disk surface on a non-radial back-and-forth motion (from the center pit to the outer edge). Do not focus on the concentric sectors of the disk while you are cleaning it.

There aren’t many disks companies in the market who promise to repair the damaged surface area of the disks. Never use those disk brand names that are marketed with no guaranteed company or manufacturer maintenance assistance. If you see the scratch on top of the disks, it is recommended that you immediately burn a duplicate of the disk since it is entirely possible that one day, your disk drive may suddenly not recognize the disk.

We have all acquired the particular disappointment of skipping disks, and attempted frantically to clean that simply by doing it using your shirt or even trouser leg, which is possibly the worst thing to do. Disks are really easy to clean, but they are also easy to wreck, therefore it is crucial that you clean all of them correctly.

It is always best to leave your disk on its own thus make sure it really needs cleaning. If you see your disks are usually skipping, the problem is probably not your disks, maybe your disk player is. At this point, you may try a zoom lens cleaner first. However, if you see that one disk is skipping, it’s time to thoroughly clean your disk.

You can also search on many different ways on how to maintain the quality of your disks for longer use and perfect viewing and listening performance.

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