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The Easy Way Out, Vacuuming Your Rug
Vacuuming your rug is a no-brainer.
If you have a high quality or antique rug you may be more diligent about avoiding the use of a beater bar brush, and using the
suction attachment instead to keep from damaging the carpet fibers. The problem may come when it is time to deep clean your
rug, especially if you are considering ‘do it yourself rug cleaning’.

Professional Rug Cleaning
Professional rug cleaning is very safe
and effective, but can be expensive and inconvenient. While some professionals can clean your rug in your home, others must
clean at their establishment for proper drying. This means you have to pay for pick up and delivery, or else roll up your rugs
and try to get them to the company on your own. The real inconvenience can come when you get your bill. Good rug cleaning is

Simple Steps to Keep Your Rugs Clean
Since you can’t avoid dirtying your
rugs, as hard as you try with the removal of shoes and the avoidance of food in the room, you will eventually have to
figure out how to clean the rug yourself. The following steps will help you achieve great results:

  1. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly from both sides
  2. Clean the carpet carefully with a mild liquid soap and cool water. Use a soft brush, firm sponge, or soft white cloth with low lint loss. Don’t scrub, but move in the direction of the nap. Wet the rug through, but take care not to over wet the rug as this can cause shrinking and makes it difficult to dry.
  3. Wash the fringe carefully with the same solution. You can use a brush to carefully remove dirt and stains.
  4. Rinse the rug and be sure to get all residue out so that it will not attract dirt and grime that adheres to sticky material.
  5. Carefully remove as much water as you can. If you use a squeegee, be sure to go with the nap and be careful not to damage the rug fibers.
  6. Dry both sides thoroughly before laying back on the floor.
  7. Gently brush the rug to eliminate stiffness.
  8. Depending on the quality and fibers of your rug, you may consider using a stain resistance product to protect the rug from future spills.

If you can’t afford a professional cleaning,
don’t worry. With a little ingenuity, time, and work, you can have clean, fresh rugs. Do it yourself rug cleaning may be the
answer to your cleaning needs.

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