Dreadlocks How To Clean

Dreadlocks are not a result of untamed hair or lack of hair care. This hair fashion can be done at home or by the help of professionals. It takes about a month to get this hairstyle done either natural or with chemicals. This is common in Afro ancestry and Caucasian have adopted it were they ceased brushing and cleaning their hairs. Dreadlocks can also be cleaned. It should be washed and cleaned so that it won’t stink.

The steps below are the ways on how clean dreadlocks:

  • Cleaning dreadlocks need the right kind of hair products. Look for the right cleaning product available. Dreadlocks can be very dirty because the hair strands tangled with each other making it hard to shampoo.
  • Residue free or organic shampoo is better for washing dreadlocks. An apple cider vinegar will also help in removing hair residues or even wax on the hair. Get all these before cleaning the dreadlocks.
  • Normally, some people would wash their dreadlocks every 4 to 12 days. But if the scalp gets itchy it is necessary to wash them more frequently. It is also important to take a bath regularly for a healthy and clean hygiene.
  • Wash the dreadlocks with running water and apply shampoo. Use the shampoo that suits well with your hair. It can be any shampoo like an anti-dandruff shampoo for itchy scalp. Do not make lots of lather because these will loosen the dreadlocks.
  • Avoid using a conditioner because this can loosen the twists. If having a hard time with the locks, use a hair net to keep them in place. After shampooing, rinse the dreadlock with water. Make sure that all residues are removed.
  • Residues that are left on the hair are not good. It is better to rinse them off completely. Do not apply to much pressure on the water to prevent the locks from being loosen.
  • After cleaning, dry the dreadlocks using a pillowcase rather than a towel. Pillow case will keep the dreadlocks in place and no lint from the towel will be left on the hair.
  • Twist and wax the dreadlocks until every strand is in place. Let the hair dry naturally. Once dried, clean up loose ends so that the dreadlocks will look attractive.

Everyone should take care of their dreadlocks. No one should be walking around with an unclean hair. Even though dreadlocks require little maintenance, it is still important to wash the hair to remove seated dirt and foul smell. Apply wax after every combing so that the locks will stay in shape.

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