Ears How To Clean With Hydrogen Peroxide

How to Clean Ears with Hydrogen Peroxide

Regular ear cleaning is important in order to avoid hard ear wax build up that can trap bacteria causing an ear infection. Cleaning your ears is easy and you can use a hydrogen peroxide outside the clinical setting.

The things that you will need are cotton swab, hydrogen peroxide, flat pillow and clean towel.

Here are the easy steps to keeping your ears clean:

Step 1
Position your head towards your side and pull your hair back. Place a towel beneath the outer surface of your ear.

Step 2
Place a flat pillow to keep the level of your head parallel to the ceiling. This also allows your peroxide to penetrate deep in your ear to avoid drainage.

Step 3
Use an eyedropper and squirt in few amounts of hydrogen peroxide into your right ear. You may feel a deep itch inside your ear. Do not worry as this is the peroxide trying to break down your ear wax. Avoid scratching your ear while doing this procedure as the solution may come out.

Step 4
Let the solution sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not move too much and wait for the solution to work. The deep itch sound may become less intense after several minutes.

Step 5
You can rise up from side lying position and try to empty the hydrogen peroxide from your right ear. Hold a towel underneath to drain the solution. Avoid pressing the towel against your ear canal. You can observe small plugs of ear wax coming out as the peroxide comes out.

Step 6
Wipe excess solution with a clean towel. Use a dry cotton swab in cleaning the exterior part of your ear. Pay particular attention to the back of the ear as well as the crevices.

Step 7
Do not remove the towel in your right ear as drainage may still come out. Use another clean towel for your left ear. Repeat the same process with your left ear.

Hydrogen peroxide should only be used once a week. Avoid using the solution many times as this can cause serious reaction like allergies and dryness of your ear canal. You can also use an olive oil or baby oil in keeping your ears clean.

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