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Ecco Sandals How To Clean

Today I want to tell you some tips to improve the care of your ECCO shoes, because leather is a natural material that should be treated with special care. Although one of its main characteristics is that it is a durable material, it dries out over time, especially when it is not cared for regularly. Leather shoes require a good cleaning to remove dirt. After that, they can look like new again.

Therefore, I recommend you to follow these tips:

  1. Leather shoes need to be wiped with a clean, dry cloth or hairbrush to remove dirt or grime before storing them. NEVER store them dirty.
  2. They should be aired before putting them in their usual place.
  3. The place where you put them should be a dark place and free of humidity, you can keep them in their box and with paper so that they do not lose their shape.
  4. If you wear a pair of shoes every day, it is advisable to give them a “break” so that they can dry completely (people sweat all over their bodies, and that excess moisture can cause bacteria to appear that cause bad odor).
  5. Do not confuse the humidity of the environment or the humidity we emit, which is not good for the shoe, with the moisture that leather needs to remain flexible.

The leather shoe needs moisturizing oils such as creams and other cleaning kits that you can find in all our stores and web, ideal for each type of leather.

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Ecco is a shoe brand that designs comfortable, stylish shoes for men, women and children. Ecco sells a variety of shoes; from casual shoes to boots. You can also buy Ecco sandals. If you constantly wear your favorite pair of Ecco sandals, they will tend to get dirty. According to, Ecco recommends that individuals use Ecco shoe care products to properly clean their shoes.

Instructions:Cleaning Ecco sandals

1 Use the Ecco nubuck and suede Eraser to remove any dust or dirt found on the sandal. The eraser is cut into cubes with a flat side and stiff side. Apply the flat side to the sandal to easily wipe off dirt. The stiff side is used for removing grease stains. The eraser is used for removing dust or light dirt.

2 Apply a dime-sized amount of Ecco Foam Cleaner to the stain on your sandal. Rub the foam cleaner into the shoe in a circular motion, using a sponge or cloth. Do not get the sandal too wet; too much water can damage the sandal. The sponge or cloth should be slightly damp with the foam cleaner.

3 Rinse the sponge or cloth thoroughly. Squeeze out excess water. Lightly wipe any excess cleaner from the sandal with the sponge or cloth.

4 Allow the sandal to dry naturally. The drying process should take one to two hours.

5 Apply Ecco Nubuck Conditioner oil to condition the sandal. According to, your sandals are made from nubuck oil. Remove the cap from the air bottle and press the sponge into the shoe. Spread a light amount of conditioner on the sandal in a circular motion. Remove any excess. Allow one hour for the conditioner to dry naturally on the shoe.

6 spray a small amount of Ecco Nubuck Waterproofing Oil Spray on the sandal. The spray should only be applied to dry shoes. This spray protects the sandals from moisture. You can also use Ecco’s Universal Waterproofing Spray to perform this task. Allow the sandal to dry for one hour.

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