Ecco Sandals How To Clean

Ecco brand produces quality sandals for women, men and children. However, it can also get dirty just like other shoe wear. Ecco recommends that you should also use Ecco cleaning solution for your Ecco sandals.

Here are the important instructions in cleaning Ecco sandals:

  • Get a soft cotton cloth and pour in your Ecco Nubuck and Suede Eraser. Wipe off dirt and dust particles on the surface of your Ecco sandal.
  • Apply small amount of Ecco foam cleaner on a sponge. This works well on stains. Scrub the foam in a circular motion using a sponge. Make certain to remove excess water as too much water can damage your sandal.
  • Wash your sponge with running water. Squeeze excess water out and gently wipe your sandal to remove soapy residue. Continue wiping until no more cleaner is left on your sandal.
  • Allow the sandal to air dry. Leave it for several hours to completely dry.
  • After it has dried, moisten your sponge with Ecco Oil Nubuck conditioner and wipe your Ecco sandal thoroughly.
  • Wait for 1 to 2 hours to completely dry.
  • For final coating, wipe your Ecco sandal with Ecco Oil Nubuck Waterproof Spray. This Ecco spray protects your sandal from moisture.
  • Allow your Ecco sandal to air dry for 1 hour.
  • Repeat the same process on other Ecco sandals.

Ecco Nubuck and Suede Eraser are made up with flat side and rigid portion. The flat side is for dirt particles while the rigid portion is for greasy stains. The Suede eraser is used to remove light dirt particles.

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