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How to Clean an Ecoquest Air Purifier

Ecoquest air purifier is a device that eliminates contaminants and dust particles from the air at home. This is often utilized by individuals who are allergic to dust and are suffering from asthma. However, regular cleaning is vital as dirt particles can be trapped inside your machine’s filter. Having dirty machine can blow back dust particles into the air at home. It is important to clean your air purifier at least once a month.

The things that you will need are bowl, ammonia, warm water, soft cotton cloth, dry towel, vacuum cleaner and screw driver.

Here are the steps in cleaning Ecoquest air purifier:

  • Unplug any electrical connections on your air purifier to ensure safety.
  • Remove the purifier’s front grill by using a screw driver. Loosen the screws and press the back tabs to obtain the back grill.
  • The back portion of your unit may contain 2 thumb screws. Remove these screws by firmly holding the air purifier’s lint screen and twisting the 2 thumb screws with bare hands. Pull the lint screen in a gentle manner.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner in cleaning your lint screen. A vacuum cleaner is ideal as it sucks all the lint and dust particles on the surface of your screen. Immerse the lint screen with warm water to eliminate remaining lint. Wipe the screen with a damp towel and allow it to air dry.
  • Check the RCI cell of your unit. It is mostly located at the upper portion of your machine behind the screen. Vacuum the RCI cell to remove dust particles.
  • Detach the plate of your air purifier by means of pulling. The air purifier plate resembles a square plate that is situated behind the filter.
  • Get a bowl and pour in equal amounts of warm water and ammonia. Immerse the purifier plate inside the bowl with ammonia solution and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the purifier plate and brush off remaining residue with a soft bristle brush.
  • Allow your purifier plate to air dry for 1 day.
  • Clean the back and the front grill of your machine using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Reassemble back your unit. Slide back your purifier plate into its original place which is located at the back of your unit. Secure back the 2 thumb screws with your screw driver. Press the back grill and front grill in place. You will hear a snap sound when it’s already secured. Tighten the screws in place.
  • Use a clean cotton cloth and wipe the exterior surface to remove dust particles.

You can also purchase a commercial cleaning solution for ecoquest air purifier. A microfiber cloth also works best in removing dust particles that sticks to your air purifier.

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