Ed Hardy Shoes How To Clean

How to Clean Ed Hardy Shoes

Like all other shoes, Ed Hardy shoes can get dirty. And, since they are very expensive, proper and regular cleaning of the item is very essential in order to keep it functional and extend its overall life. Your Ed shoes are easy to clean in fact you will just need some household cleaning materials in order to clean it. Ed shoes are basically made up of canvas, decorated with Ed elements, laces, and rubber grip sole. For you to care for this kind of item here are the steps that are easy for you to follow. It will just take you a little time and voila! A new and clean Ed hardy shoes ready for it’s another step.

Prepare the following materials:

  • Warm water
  • Toothbrush
  • Detergent soap
  • Basin
  • Soft


  1. If your shoes have shoelace, remove it from the shoes first and set aside.
  2. In your basin, fill it up with water and place detergent soap in order to make a cleaning solution.
  3. Get your used toothbrush and dip it into your cleaning solution.
  4. Scrub it to your canvas, focused on the spot where there are stains, dirt etc.
  5. Grab your soft cloth and wipe it to your shoes. This is used to remove the dirt you have just brushed.
  6. Apply pressure when scrubbing to completely remove the dirt.
  7. When you are done scrubbing the canvas and certain that you already removed all the dirt, get your soft cloth and wet it with warm water.
  8. Wring the excess water. Blot it to your canvas shoes to collect the excess detergent soap. Allow shoes to completely dry. Do not place it under the sun, air dry only.
  9. Wash the lace with detergent soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

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