Eheim Filter How To Clean

Eheim filters are exceptionally designed for aquarium use and other tanks. These eheim filters are available in various sizes and styles. You can also purchase these filters online and in any pet stores nationwide. It is important to regularly clean a tank filter to maintain clean aquarium water and to function at its best.

The things that you will need are rubber mat, lukewarm water, soft cotton cloth and household bleach.

Here are the steps in cleaning eheim filter:

  • Open the fish tank and unplug any electrical connection. Close the canister valves and detach the filter. Pull the filter out from the fish tank.
  • Place the eheim filter into your sink or bathtub. Make sure to open the valves so that the water from the filter will drain. Remove the O-ring by lifting up the lid and set the elements aside.
  • Remove other elements inside the eheim filter such as the white pad, ceramic rings, green or blue pad and glass beads. Place these elements on a rubber mat or a clean flat surface.
  • Wash your empty canister with clean lukewarm water. Set the canister aside by turning it upside down to drain.
  • Wash the ceramic canister with running water and place it back into your canister. Rinse other elements like the green and blue pad until water becomes clear and reassemble it back into your canister.
  • Boil the remaining elements like the glass beads using 1 teaspoon of household bleach. Remove the glass beads after it has boiled and allow it to cool down for several minutes.
  • Wipe the beads with a dry soft cotton cloth and place it back into the canister.
  • Put the white pad on the top portion of other elements into the canister. Moisten the O-ring and slide it onto the bottom part of the lid. Press it down and lock it in place. Place the filter back into the fish tank.
  • Connect the eheim filter and open its valves. Wait for few minutes allowing water to fill the filter. If the filter is full, plug it to start working.

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