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How to Clean an Electric Guitar

Dirt particles may not be visible on the surface of your electric guitar but regular cleaning is still crucial in order for it to function at its optimum level. Proper maintenance can help retain the shiny appearance of your guitar as well as its good sound. If you play your electric guitar more frequently, the more cleaning is needed. Keeping your electric guitar clean is simple as long as you’re familiar with the right cleaning method.

The things that you will need are guitar oil or Naphtha, guitar polisher, commercial guitar solution, microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth and screw driver.

Here are the steps in cleaning your electric guitar:

  • Check you electric guitar strings. Purchase a new pack of strings from any music shop to replace old guitar strings. It is important to maintain good sound and pitch of your electric guitar. Detach or snap the strings using pliers.
  • Inspect your guitar’s fret board. The fret board may harbor grease from natural oils of your hands. This will then makes the sound of your guitar dull and unpleasant to hear. In cleaning guitar’s fret board, it is best to buy guitar oil from music shop. The guitar oil is also called Naphtha which helps eliminate dirt build up. Use a microfiber cloth and moisten it with your guitar oil. Polish the surface to maintain the guitar’s shiny appearance.
  • Check the guitar pickups. Get your screw driver and remove the electric guitar’s faceplate. Remove the pickups carefully. Be extra careful not to disturb the guitar wirings. If rust is present, clean the rusty area with commercial rust agent. After cleaning the pickups, place it back to its original place and tighten it with a screw driver.
  • Examine the guitar’s nut which is located at the upper part of the fret board. Remove the guitar string and grease the groove with your guitar solution. Wipe the groove with a clean towel and replace the old string with a new one to maintain a good sound quality.
  • Clean the entire body of your electric guitar. Wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth. If the guitar looks greasy, wipe it with mild oil cutting solvent and polish it with a commercial guitar polisher.
  • Wipe the bridge of your electric guitar using a clean damp cloth.

For stubborn dirt, you can use a soft bristle brush in scrubbing the surface. However, the outer surface of your electric guitar should be cleaned using a microfiber cloth or a soft cotton cloth to avoid scratch marks. Avoid using strong cleaning agent as this can permanently impair the guitar’s sound quality.

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