Emerald Rings How To Clean

Emerald gems resemble beauty of life, love and loyalty. Emerald rings are widely distributed across different countries. It is famous for its deep green color and durability. Emerald ring can also be a perfect gift for engagement and wedding anniversaries. Keeping your emerald ring clean and shiny is crucial to maintain its glossy and perfect green structure.

The things that you will need are soft cotton cloth, microfiber cloth, tap water, mild soap and glass bowl.

Here are the important instructions in cleaning emerald rings:

  • It is important to know that emerald rings contain natural oil that smoothen its appearance. Avoid using strong detergents or cleaning solvents in keeping the emerald ring clean as it can make your jewelry dull and dry.
  • Place a rubber mat on the area where you would like to do the cleaning process.
  • Get a small glass bowl and pour in tap water about room temperature.
  • Immerse the emerald ring inside the water bowl for 10 to 20 seconds and remove it immediately.
  • Pat it dry with a soft cotton cloth. Emerald gemstone is very delicate. Make sure to use a gentle pressure in patting it dry.
  • Avoid using ultrasonic cleaner in cleaning emerald ring as this can damage the surface of your gem.
  • For stubborn dirt particles, use a solution of mild liquid soap and tap water into a glass bowl.
  • Use a microfiber cloth and dip it into your soapy solution.
  • Scrub the crevices in a gently manner. Make certain to remove debris and grime deposits.
  • Rinse the emerald ring with running water to remove soapy residue.
  • Pat the emerald dry using a soft cotton cloth and let it dry for few minutes.
  • Place it inside an airtight plastic bag and keep it in your jewelry box.

Do not use abrasive cleaning agent in cleaning your emerald ring as this can permanently damage the surface of your gem. You can also purchase a jewelry cleaner in any local jewelry shop.

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