Empty Fish Tank How To Clean

It is always ideal to keep your empty fish tank clean and shiny making it ready for various purposes. Keeping an empty fish tank clean is relatively easy and fast as compared to a fish tank that has elements inside.

The things that you will need in cleaning an empty fish tank are soft cotton cloth, isopropyl alcohol, hot water or warm water, bleach, empty bottle spray and towel.

Here are the important steps:

  • Wash your empty fish tank with warm water or hot water. This helps loosen the soil residue on the surface. If you own a small fish tank, you can simply turn it upside down into a sink. However, if you own a large fish tank, utilize your sprayer attachment and spray hot water into the interior surface to force the soil out into your sink.
  • After washing the fish tank, use a scrub pad in removing soil and algae on the surface. Remove as much dirt particles as possible.
  • Scrub the glass of your fish tank until you meet the desired cleanliness. Be very careful as you may break the glass.
  • If you will no longer use the fish tank as fish aquarium, pour in small amounts of isopropyl alcohol on the inner and outer portion of the glass. Allow the alcohol to evaporate. It is ideal to do the cleaning in an area where there is good ventilation to facilitate dryness.
  • Rinse your empty fish tank with running water until the glass becomes clear.
  • Wipe the fish tank with a soft cotton cloth or a soft towel to remove any residue. You can also use a paper towel in wiping the glass.
  • In cleaning the outer portion of the glass, mix in 1 cup of bleach detergent and warm water. Mix the solution properly and place it inside an empty bottle spray.
  • Spray the glass surface of your empty fish tank and wipe the area with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Rinse the fish tank with running water. Make sure to remove any soapy residue.
  • Wipe the surface with a dry towel and place it outside under the sun’s heat. The heat of the sun aids in removing soapy residue naturally.

If you own a plastic fish tank, avoid using abrasive cleaning agent as this can permanently damage the surface of the fish tank.

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