Epson Scanner Glass How To Clean

A scanner is a gadget that converts image into a format that a computer can configure. Scanners are helpful in producing copies of documents and also photographs; it can send fax and can change written or typed text to a computer document file. There are many scanners available in the market, you can choose of what you want. Epson scanner is known to give you the best quality of scans among all scanners. There are those expensive but also there are also inexpensive scanners, making them accessible and affordable for the average users. But believe it or not, normal scanners leave dust, dirt, moist, or even fingerprints on the scanner glass. This occurrence may lessen or degrade the quality and performance of your scans. Cleaning all of this is not hard. It is very simple task. Glasses are the least hard element to clean up. Regular cleaning of your glass scanners is a must. In fact, it won’t cause you a lot if you do it after every use. If you want to keep it clean and functional, these are some simple steps on how to properly maintain your Epson glass scans clean, functional, and effective.

Things to prepare:

  • Soft cloth – soft material is used to prevent glass scanners to have scratches.
  • Detergent soap – used as a cleaning agent. To easily remove all kinds of dirt.
  • Water

Steps on how to clean your scanner glass:

  1. Unplug the power cord of your scanner. This ensures safety of the user.
  2. Next is clean the external case using a damped cloth immersed in a detergent soap and water. Wring the excess water if necessary.
  3. Lift the scanner plate carefully, wipe it with dry cloth. If the glass is stained with oil or grease, use a glass cleaner and soft cloth to get rid of the dirt or grease. Wipe off all remaining liquid.
  4. Make sure that the glass has completely cleaned because any dirt or dust or even moisture can damage or degrades the quality and performance of your scanner.

Tips to Keep:

  1. Do not put much pressure in cleaning your document table glass. Be careful not to scratch or damage it. You might break the glass if you put much pressure.
  2. When cleaning use only soft materials not abrasive or rough cloth. To avoid scratching your glass scans.
  3. Do not attempt to use alcohol when cleaning your scanner glass. This is because alcohol can break the scanner components.
  4. Do not spray lubricants. Lubricants may destroy the unit.
  5. Be careful not to spill any form of liquid to your scanner. You may be electrified of grounded. Therefore, be cautious of your safety.
  6. Never try to open the scanner case or else you will forever destroy it.
  7. Always cover it with the scanner case if you are not using it. This keeps your scanners free of moisture and dust, in this way you may clean your scanners at minimal time period.

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