Etymotic How To Clean

How to Clean Etymotic

Earplugs are very useful to those individuals exposed to highly noisy devices or environment or dust, water and other foreign objects. An earplug is designed to be directly inserted into your inner ear canal. Since it protects you from all the foreign objects that may come into your ear, it has a lot of usages too. Etymotic Research is a company that is specialized in creating, research, designing a high quality and highly-reliable audio specifically ear products. The etymotic company wanted to achieve the goal of producing an ear product that can be used by impaired individuals, musician, or scientists. Aside from that they also have earsets cellphone devices or accessory, microphones and even hearing aids. There are some Etymotic that is advised to be used at the water, especially during a water sport. Etymotic is commonly made up of wax, silicone or flanged that fits perfectly to the user’s ear. Foam earplugs are made up of memory foam. They are being compressed into the ear canal and expand to plug. Silicone ear products are molded into a rolled ball that perfectly fits the outer part of the ear canal. Flanged ear products are mostly worn by musicians. Most ear products from Etymotic are disposable but there are also Etymotic products that are non-disposable. That is why for non-disposable, proper cleaning and handling must be considered. It is very important that you regularly clean your earplugs because it can also cause you to have ear infections and later result to complications that may be not good. Here are the following steps on how to properly clean your etymotic.

Materials needed:

  • Warm water
  • Small Bowl
  • Soap (Preferably dish soap)
  • Paper towels


  • If there are any earwax left on your etymotic ear plugs, remove them. If you do not, then the germs from the earwax will still be present in the mixture where you will wash them.
  • Fill the small bowl with warm water. Do not use boiling water or it will destroy the etymotic earplugs.
  • Put some dish soap in the bowl filled with warm water. Stir it, shake it or blend it to make a sudsy mixture. This step will incorporate the warm water and the soap.
  • Place the etymotic earplugs in the solution and rest it for about thirty seconds. Do not let it stay for too long or else, the soapy solution will penetrate deeply in the earplugs and when dried, will make it stiff.
  • Remove the etymotic earplugs from the mixture and gently massage it to remove clinging dirt or any substance.
  • Empty the small bowl with the soap and warm water solution. Replace it with clean warm water. Make sure that there is no soap left.
  • Soak the etymotic earplugs in the warm water for thirty seconds to disintegrate any soap or bubbles from the earplugs.
  • Remove the earplugs from the small bowl. Squeeze or remove water from the etymotic earplugs.
  • Prepare paper towels up to five layers to avoid spills and leaks. Place the etymotic earplugs on the paper towel to drain excess water. Use paper towels because they easily absorb the liquid.
  • Let the etymotic ear plugs dry naturally. Do not use dryers or heaters for it may affect the quality of the earplugs’.

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