Eustachian Tubes How To Clean

Can you imagine life without you hearing anything? The sounds that we hear from our surroundings definitely add color and beauty of life. That is why proper cleaning of your ear is a must in order to keep it functioning well at all times. The Eustachian tube or known as auditory tube connects the pharynx to the middle ear. Therefore, your Eustachian tube is part of your middle ear. The functions of your Eustachian tube are the following: 1. Pressure equalizer and facilitates mucus drainage from the middle ear. If your ear is not properly taken care of some disorders like otitis media may result as an effect to your Eustachian tube. It is said that most children under the age of 7 is more at risk of having this kind of disorder because they have shorter Eustachian tube compared to adults. Another disorder is barotitis, this occurs to most scuba divers due to air and water pressure in the outer and inner ear. Another is the condition of having Eustachian disorder at birth known as the glue ear. Smoking may be causing your Eustachian tube to have bacteria in your ear that leads to infection in most cases. Proper cleaning of your Eustachian tube must be taken down note. It is important that we know how to clean it so that it will not cause you damage in the future. Here is a simple procedure in proper cleaning of your Eustachian tube.

  • Lie flat on your back and point the ear that you want to clean upwards. Drop some ear cleanser directly to your ear. When you drop the cleanser, make sure that the liquid will directly seep to the Eustachian tubes.

Note: When cleaning Eustachian tubes, do not use swab or any small materials. These tubes are very delicate and we do not want to infect them for they will cause stings in the ear.

  • Always make sure that the ear is higher than any other part of your body to maintain the liquid inside the Eustachian tubes. Wait for a few minutes for the cleanser to take effect. The cleanser will soften and emulsify the hardened wax along with some excess build-ups.

Note: This step might cause bubbly sensation to the ear. Please resist yourself from touching it or the cleanser, along with the softened wax, will spread through your ear.

  • After the cleanser does its job, sit up and tilt your head to the side to allow the softened wax to flow out from your ear. Use a towel or washcloth to catch the wax or you may go directly to the sink and wash the emulsified earwax down.
  • Put some water to the water syringe and gently spurt some water to the ear. The water will remove any earwax and cleanser that was left. Again, tilt your head to the side and let the water flow.

Note: When trying to remove remaining ear cleanser and earwax, do not use cotton swab for it may push the remains further inside. Just let it flow.

  • If there is a need, you can repeat the whole process.

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