Evaporator Coil How To Clean

How to Clean an Evaporator Coil

Regular cleaning of the filter can keep your evaporator coil clean as most dirt particles adhere to the filter before it goes into the evaporator coil. However, in some cases wherein the evaporator coil becomes dirty, you should consult the manufacturer’s manual of your specific air condition unit to be able to know if the cleaning job can be done manually. Some air condition unit requires the help of a professional cleaner to drain the coolant and detach the evaporator coil to be able to clean it properly.

The things that you will need are soft cotton cloth, water and dry towel.

Here are the important instructions in cleaning evaporator coil:

  • Take your time reading the manufacturer’s instruction before proceeding on the actual cleaning.
  • Turn off the electrical power on your air conditioner unit. Unplug any electrical connections to prevent electrical shock.
  • Remove the outer covering of your evaporator coil. In most air conditioner unit, the evaporator coil is situated next to the air conditioner fan. Check the manual first to ensure adequate location of your evaporator coil.
  • Reach the evaporator coil and wipe the area using a damp cloth. You can use plain water and soft cotton cloth in cleaning evaporator coil. Remove excess water to avoid dripping. Too much moisture can damage the motor of your air conditioner unit.
  • Wipe the unit with a dry clean towel. Continue wiping until all moisture is totally removed.
  • Allow the unit to completely dry before covering them.
  • Replace the outer covering of your evaporator coil.
  • After it has full dried, you can turn on your air conditioner unit.

If you can’t reach the evaporator coil, you can seek help from a licensed professional cleaner.

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