Eyebrow Piercing How To Clean

In contemporary society, eyebrow piercing has become one of the eminent methods of body adornment. Eyebrows are usually decorated with small barbells or rings. However, this can be harmful as the area is prone to infection and irritation. Fortunately, proper daily care in cleaning eyebrow piercing will help lessen the risk.

The things that you will need are soft cloth, mild soap, warm water, clean dry towel, cotton balls, clean paper towel, soft bristle brush and lavender oil.

Here are the steps in cleaning eyebrow piercing:

  • Wash your hands first before touching your eyebrow piercing.
  • Clean the area with a soft cloth and mild soap. Rinse it with warm water and keep it dry by wiping it with a clean dry towel.
  • It is essential to purchase an antibacterial solution in cleaning eyebrow piercing. Get a cotton ball and moisten it with your antibacterial solution.
  • Wipe the eyebrow piercing with a clean cloth and allow it to dry for several minutes.
  • Clean the jewelry with a soft bristle brush. It is beneficial to use a new brush in cleaning your jewelry to minimize infection.
  • Remove any crust on the surface of your jewelry. Pat the area dry using a clean paper towel or a clean tissue.
  • Apply generous amount of lavender oil into the pierced area after cleaning to promote faster healing. The lavender oil lubricates the pierced area which helps reduce scar tissue.
  • Avoid using peroxide, alcohol, betadine solution and tea tree oil in cleaning pierced area as they can irritate the healing skin.

Keep in mind to fix your hair at all times especially the bangs as the hair may touch the pierced area making it at risk for infection. Do not use hard disinfectant in cleaning pierce brows as this may irritate the area.

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