Eyebrows How To Clean

Bushy and thick eyebrows are not the ideal eyebrows for many trendsetters. If you desire to freshen up your looks, then having a clean eyebrow shape is essential. There are several options to keep your eyebrows in shape and each person respond to these methods differently. However, if your find the right technique that suits for you, then it is good to stick with it.

Here are the different techniques in cleaning eyebrows to keep it in good shape:

  • First method is tweezing. Tweezing is the traditional way of keeping your eyebrows in shape. If you chose this technique, you should decide on a particular shape that you would like to follow before tweezing. The good part is that it is not as painful as waxing and threading. However, your eyebrow hairs may grow faster than usual. If you don’t remove the root hair, stubbles may grow which can be very hard to tweeze in the future. If you choose to tweeze you eyebrows, you should look for a good quality tweezer.
  • The second method used is waxing. In this method, you will apply hot wax on the surface and carefully ripped off using little strips. Most people say that waxing is more painful than using tweezing but this method is more convenient and faster to achieve your desired eyebrow shape. After applying waxing method, the area will be slightly reddish and puffy. It is important to use a moisturizing cream or lotion after waxing method.
  • The last method used is threading. Threading is the ancient way of eyebrows removal. This method uses a cotton thread and is twisted onto the eyebrows area to remove hair follicle. Threading is mostly quicker than tweezing as it eliminates hair from its root which usually lasts longer as compared to tweezing and waxing. This method may also produce puffiness and redness on the area that is why it is important to use a moisturizing lotion or cream after the process.

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