Eyeglass cloth how to clean

How to clean an eyeglass cloth

Many eyeglass users nowadays prefer to use a special cloth to clean their glasses properly. This cloth is otherwise known as microfiber cloth. A microfiber cleansing cloth is soft and can catch dirt particles and dust without releasing it immediately into the air. This cloth is safe to use for eyeglasses as it doesn’t scratch the surface. Fortunately, microfiber cloth is easy to clean and can last for years if properly cared for.

The things that you will need are mild liquid laundry detergent or mild soap and warm water.

Here are the tips in cleaning eyeglass cloth:

  • Get your eyeglass cloth and rinse it with warm running water. Pour in 1 to 2 drops of mild liquid soap or mild liquid laundry detergent. Keep in mind that the temperature of your water is cleaning eyeglass cloth is essential. Use warm running water as it opens the pores of your cloth making it release dirt particles that has accumulated onto its fibers.
  • Scrub the cloth using bare hands.
  • Rinse the eyeglass cloth properly with warm running water to eliminate any soapy residue. Eyeglass cloth may become dry and dull because of the soap which will run the risk of eyeglass scratches.
  • You can also use your washing machine in cleaning the cloth. However, make sure that you run it on a light setting. If you prefer washing the cloth by hand, avoid using any fabric softener as it may act similar to a wax and clog underlying fibers making the cloth ineffective in picking up dirt particles from the eye lenses.
  • If you want to use a dryer in keeping the cloth dry, make sure to put it in a gentle setting. You can also allow the cloth to air dry to easily regain its softness.

Avoid using bleach or any hard cleaning solution as this can corrode the fibers of your eyeglass cloth. Ironing an eyeglass cloth is also not recommended as it loses the effectiveness of the cloth.

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