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How to get firefighter’s permission for a business

The firefighter’s permit for a business you may need and must approve, and will be one of the first steps you must take before you are granted the business license.

But if you want to know all the details about this permission that is important when you think to open a business keep reading, because it is not always a requirement.

When I need a fireman’s permit for a business – Fire Department Permit

The firefighter’s business permit can be obtained from your city or county fire department, but you need it if your business facilities will be open to the public or if you plan to use flammable materials.

Depending on the city where your business is established, you must obtain and approve the permit before the business license is issued and you open your business.

Because in some cities, this permit is not required and instead, scheduled inspections of the business are conducted to verify compliance with fire safety regulations, otherwise you will receive a citation.

The fire department conducts a regular inspection of bars, nightclubs, theatres, crèches, retirement homes and any other business where many people gather.

Steps to obtain firefighter’s permission for a business – Fire Department Permit

Before the Business License is issued, you must approve the fire inspection.Β  The entity in charge of identifying licenses and requiring inspection is the Commercial Licensing Department.

You will receive a security permit, which is an official document that authorizes you to execute the activity, but of course the permit will be issued only if the condition of your business meets the requirements of the code.

Even the permitting process includes cross-checking with public health, developmental services and other agencies to verify that your business also meets the requirements of these agencies.

For example, when a public event is held with attendance of 250 or more people, according to the fire code requires the event manager to hire one or more firefighters depending on the size of the event to ensure public health.

In this special case of an event, the firefighter permit for a business includes unlocking and securing of open exits, mass control, emergency equipment, supervised pyrotechnics, smoke machines verification and other special effects to check that they function safely, as required by the code and carbon monoxide control may also be required in the event that they are involved.

The permit program includes: fire protection system, fire alarm system, portable extinguishers, fire pump and will have a different cost according to the products you handle.

The inspection shall cover containers, building, vehicles, local devices, storage spaces and areas used.

However, in cases where the law so provides, other departments from which joint approval is expected are applied before the business is approved.

With the business license application you must complete a fire survey form. This form will then be sent to the Fire Department, which will review, sign and return it to you.

First of all you must apply for permission, following the instructions you will see on the permit survey form, accessing Fire Department applications.

You will then have to apply for permits required by other agencies such as air quality, health, planning, business licensing, etc.

Fire Department approval will be complete when the Development Services or zoning department has approved your business.

When requesting inspection of the Fire Department, be aware that you must have the company license ID, which you will find on the business license receipt.

To make the inspection effective, the Fire Department will contact you within two weeks of your request.

Where to submit a permit application: The permit application must be submitted to the Fire Prevention Office, as applications sent by e-mail are not accepted.

Please also note that some regulated activities require a supplemental application with additional information, site plans, floor layout plans and proof of insurance.

Expiration: the permit will remain in effect until it is revoked or for the time indicated in the issuance of the permit. On the other hand it is not transferable, as then any change in use, occupation, operation or ownership will require a new permit.

The exhibition: The permit must be on display at a visible location within the business premises and shall be subject to inspection by an officer or person authorized by the head of the Police or Fire Department at any time.

Revocation: the officer is authorized to suspend or revoke permission when deemed necessary after the business has been audited by the boss.

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