Fireplace Ashes How To Clean

A bed of ashes is not really bad. After all, it also has a purpose of keeping your place warm as it adds up to the insulating capability of your fireplace. However, when there is already 2 inches or more of the build-up, then it calls for you to have them cleaned right away.

A thick pile of ashes could not only damage the fireplace but can also be hazardous to your household.

First, you have to understand the things that put you on a challenge when cleaning the fireplace.

  1. Smoke stains in the tile, marble or brick
  2. Black stains on the fireplace’s glass
  3. Pile of ashes in the firebox

Here below are some steps you can follow to clean your fireplace:

Step 1. Dispose of the ash. Use a vacuum (with disposable bag) in cleaning the fireplace. Make sure that the place has already cooled for about four to five days before doing the chore. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, do not worry! There is an alternative for that, use coffee grounds or tea leaves instead. Sprinkle it over the cooled fireplace and allow it to cover the musty odor. You may use a mask to prevent dust from getting into your nose. Use the shovel to scoop the pile of ashes in the fireplace. Do not be bothered if you cannot completely clean the place. Then, dispose the debris far away from your house.

Step 2: Clear everything. Mix vinegar and water (1:1 amount) in a spray bottle to remove the cloudy film on your glass doors. Spray some on your paper towel and wipe it off the fireplace’s glass. For finishing touches, spray directly to the glass and wipe the drippings using a microfiber cloth.

Step 3: Brush the fireplace. Splash the smoke stains on your fireplace’s bricks with water. Mix a ¼ cup of all purpose cleaner to a gallon of water. Dip a brush in it and work on the spots of stains. After, wipe it off with a clean dry sponge and then allow air to dry. If your fireplace is made up of marble, use a cloth dampened with soap and water. Rinse with water and dry using a clean cloth. If the fireplace is too old, never use a scrub as it would only damage the bricks and glass. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner when removing all ashes.

Clean the Chimney

Do not neglect the chimney when cleaning a fireplace. Gather all the equipments needed such as a particulate mask, commercial fireplace cleaner and metal bucket with a lid to store ashes – this is to remove stains and ashes from glass, stones, and bricks. All the equipment required are available at your local hardware. Let the cleaning be done by a professional (certified) chimney cleaner registered with the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

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