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Geico in Spanish: Coverage and Quote

Geico is one of the most recognized insurance providers in the US The reason it is so famous is due to two things: its adorable pet gecko and great savings on many different types of insurance. You are probably more familiar with Geico auto insurance policies, but coverage is available to meet almost all of your needs, from home insurance to business insurance and additional policies.

Spanish phone

  • Emergency on roads or highways: (800) 424-3426
  • Commercial attention: (866) 509-9444
  • General Requests: (800) 207-7847

Vehicle insurance

Geico is known for offering low cost car insurance with a wide range of coverage types. In addition to policy options that cover almost any type of vehicle you may have, you will find that Geico auto insurance offers multiple discounts that you may qualify for.

Types of coverage

  • Cars
  • Motorcycle
  • ATV
  • RV
  • Collection car
  • Boats and personal watercraft
  • Commercial Vehicles

Home insurance

Geico insurance company home and renters insurance covers all the basics you need in a policy to protect your home. There are also optional extras that you can choose to purchase additional coverage and peace of mind. If you’re concerned about all those costs adding up, don’t think too much as Geico offers discounts that allow you to save more as you add coverage.

Types of coverage

Geico’s rental insurance covers both renters and condo owners. Under Geico’s rental insurance policy, you can protect yourself from the following:

  • Fire, wind and water damage
  • Vandalism or theft
  • Visitor injuries
  • Accidental damage
  • Medical and legal bills if someone is injured on your property
  • Expenses if the apartment / condo becomes uninhabitable
  • Damaged furniture, electronics, appliances, or clothing

What’s more

  • Property damage from fire, wind, hail, and water (on some policies)
  • Personal property such as furniture, clothing, appliances, and tableware
  • Jewelry up to $ 2,000 in value
  • Personal responsibility
  • Medical bills
  • Additional expenses such as hotel costs

Also, it is important to know that Geico offers discounts on multiple policies along with different types of insurance. Whether you want to insure your pet, your home, or your collector’s car, it all starts with requesting your Geico insurance quote today.


To request a quote in Spanish, you have to call the following number: 1-800-691-4240. You can also do it online through the website: geico.com

Information source: www.geico.com