Grass Stain Removal

General methods of removing grass stains

The general method applicable to all kinds of fabrics for removing grass stains involves a few simple steps, the first of which is to apply a teaspoon full of liquid detergent to the affected area. An enzyme based presoak product can also be used instead. The applied product is rubbed vigorously and washed. If the stain continues to be visible, the fabric should not be put into the dryer in order to prevent the stain from setting deep into the fabric. The affected area is then sponged with rubbing alcohol, cleaning the stain in the process. The fabric can then be treated with chlorine bleach, only if it is able to withstand it. Otherwise mild bleach can be used instead.

Washable fabric grass stains

The method particularly meant for treating grass stains on washable fabrics involves initial sponging of the fabric with water. Rubbing alcohol is then sponged onto it, which is allowed to dry. Alcohol should not be used for silk and woolen fabrics. The fabric is then sponged with cold water, followed by the application of liquid detergent, after which the affected area is rinsed with water and allowed to dry.

A presoak solution is prepared by mixing a quart of warm water and a tablespoon of commercial enzyme product. If the stain continues to exist, the fabric is soaked in this solution for a period of half to one hour. After rinsing, the fabric is washed with hot water using mild bleach. Hydrogen peroxide bleach is then applied to the remaining stain. Grass stains on jeans can be eliminated using toothpaste that is non-gel in nature.

Dry cleanable fabric grass stains

White vinegar followed by water is sponged onto the grass stain. Enzyme product past is then applied and allowed to set for 30 minutes and blotted. A paste composed of baking soda plus water is added to the stain. A small amount of white vinegar is applied using a sponge. The bubbles produced as a result tend to bring out the stain.

Precautions when cleaning grass stains

The use of highly alkaline chemicals and products like ammonia and degreasers should be avoided. These chemicals tend to react with grass and hence turn the stain into a permanent one. Chlorine beach should only be applied to those materials that can withstand it.

VIDEO: Cleaning Grass Stains

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