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Hello Everyone!

I just finished an update to the website, offering new features, with plenty more to come. If you notice we changed our logo and color scheme around, before we had to much blue, now i’m thinking we may be going a little heavy on the light blue ( or blue green ) whatever color it is, in the forum, give us your suggestions for color scheme’s on this, if its hard to read, what not.

1) Tips Section
We recently created a new tips database, where you can submit tips directly to the website. Hopefully we can get some great tips rolling in.

2) New Member Profiles
Considering Web 2.0 is here to stay, we are trying to mold the site into more of a Web 2.0 friendly feel, anyways…. we created new member profiles, you can add your picture, and social networking nicknames, plenty more features to come here so keep your eyes opened and check our your profile section frequently.

Remember to update your profile …
You can do this by clicking on the my profile link at the top, don’t see it? – Login first, then once viewing your profile you can find the edit link right below your name.

3) Blog Integration
In hopes of getting more signups for our free blogs we have more tightly integrated them into our website to help our existing blogger ( you know how you are 🙂 ) get more traffic as well as help others see the benefits of starting a blog at

********** NEW ADDITIONS ************
07/28/2007 – Rating System Launched for Cleaning Tips
I just released a new feature our Cleaning Tips section, basically now you can rate tips on a scale 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest. Feel free to browse the tips collection and start rating some tips! BTW – you need to be logged in to rate the tips so please login first! More great features to come!

We love suggestions, feedback and the likes….
Please let us know what you think, either in this thread or privately via our contact form, we really do love and appreciate your feedback.



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