How Eyelids To Clean

Our eyes are protected by a thin fold of skin that is called eyelids. A certain eye muscle will retract the eyelids to open the eyes. Our eyelids have a row of eyelashes which also served as an additional protection to the eyes. Each individual differs with their eyelid’s line and creases. Most Asian’s like Chinese, Korean and Japanese have no crease in their eyelids making their eyes look small.

Here are the ways on how to clean eyelids:

  • Some eye doctors would recommend using eyelid scrubs. These are use for people who have eye problems like blephatitis, dry eyes, cornea problems and other eye dysfunctions.
  • Eyelid scrubs will clean the eyelids and remove dirt and other particles such as oil and reducing the number of bacteria in the eyes. Clean eyelids will help the eyelids and the eyes function properly.
  • Prepare the tools needed for cleaning the eyelids. Get an eyelid scrub pad or foam. You can purchase it to any drugstore or pharmacy. Use the pads that are recommended by doctors for cleaning eyelids. Also prepare soap or Johnson’s baby shampoo because it is mild for the eyes, facial towel and a cotton applicator or cotton buds.
  • While on shower or just washing the face, put a few drops of Johnson’s baby shampoo in your hands and lather. Apply the soapy lather on the eyelids using the fingertips. Make sure to close the eyes and gently massage the eyelids for about 30 seconds.
  • This will clean the eyelids without irritating the eyes. Use the eyelid pad when rinsing it off with water so that soap residue and totally removed.
  • There is also another way of doing eyelid scrub. Dilute Johnson’s baby shampoo and water in a container to make soapy water. Get the cotton applicator or cotton buds and dip it over to the container.
  • Massage the eyelids gently using the cotton applicator for about 30 seconds to remove dirt and oil. Avoid touching the eyes. Clean the upper and lower eyelids to remove all dirt.
  • Rinse the eyes and the entire face well using clean water to remove all residues. Use a facial towel to dry the face.

Having clean eyelids will make our eyes appear clean and fresh. It is important to wash our eyelids using a mild soap or shampoo so that it would not irritate the eyes. Avoid using harsh soap products to prevent itching and redness around the eyes.

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