How Much A Carpenter Earns In The United States

¿How much does a carpenter make in the United States?? The average salary for a carpenter working in the United States is 56,727 per year. Salaries for carpentry work in the US range from $ 32,949 to $ 65,377 per year.

The reasons why these salaries vary are many and if you want to know what they are, just keep reading because we will tell you about them below:

Carpenter salary by state in the United States

The location where the woodworking professional is working plays an important role in what this professional profile charges per hour.


Let’s take a closer look at the following table that shows us the states with the highest hourly wages for a carpenter:

ConditionCarpenter’s wage per hour
Massachusetts$ 21.88
Hawaii$ 21.57
Connecticut$ 21.35
Wisconsin$ 21.02
Tennessee$ 20.88
Washington$ 20.81
Minnesota$ 20.80

What is a carpenter?

Carpenters are professionals who are dedicated to the construction, repair and installation of objects made of wood or other types of material.

Although a carpenter’s job often varies, the process for carrying out his tasks on a regular basis usually has the same basic structure.

Carpenters can follow the plans that are given to them for the design, arrangement or measurement of materials that will be used for a local construction and following the standards established in the construction sector.

What does a carpenter do?

In general terms, the work of a carpenter consists of the manufacture, repair, installation and maintenance of structures made of wood.


A carpenter can work on:

  • Road construction.
  • Construction and repair of bridges or pedestrian overpasses.
  • Installation of wooden accessories such as doors and furniture.
  • Design of different furniture made of wood.
  • Interior assembly.

Tools of a carpenter

Carpenters need to rely on the use of the following tools to carry out their work effectively:

  • A toolbox.
  • Electric drill.
  • Hammer.
  • Grid.
  • Tape measure.
  • Utility knife.
  • Saw in the shape of a circle.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Bubble leveler.

Types of carpentry

For carpentry jobs, there are 7 types of carpenter specialties that we will show you below:

1. Rough carpenter

They are specialists in roofing, framing or other structural work. Their tasks include:

  • To size.
  • Cut.
  • Y Shaping building materials made of wood or other material.

Their jobs also often include:

  • Roofing.
  • Framed.
  • Formwork.
  • Other large-scale structure jobs that don’t need to have a lot of detail in appearance.

2. Trim carpenter

Also known as cabinet installers, they specialize in the installation and repair of trim, door frames, windows, baseboards, or other types of ornamental pieces.

3. Cabinetmaker

Cabinetmakers specialize in custom construction according to customer needs, whether using wood or other types of material.


Unlike the rough carpenter, the cabinetmaker does focus on detail luxuries for wood material such as:

  • Cabinets
  • Complex furniture to build for the interior of the house.

4. Ship carpenter

They are carpenters specialized in the construction and repair of ships. These specialists can perform jobs such as:

  • Cruise manufacturing.
  • Naval building.
  • Repair industrial fishing boats.

5. Framer or framing carpenter

They specialize in the construction and repair of commercial, residential and industrial building frames.

Their tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Fix by using construction material screws, nuts or bolts.
  • Choose structures that will be used temporarily as scaffolding.
  • Repair defective structures.
  • Analysis of construction plans to detect structural defects.

6. Joister

The joister is a specialist in placing beams under the ground to strengthen the ground so that it can support the weight of the structure and also hold the ground.

7. Roofer

They are specialists in installing, removing and maintaining various roofing materials for commercial buildings and private apartment buildings.


Carpenters typically earn various salaries based on the location, company, and experience or specialty in which they work.

Frequent questions:

✅Why is the carpenter’s job so important?

A carpenter is important to the construction industry, since his skills, tasks and various specialties allow to carry out building projects that will be delivered to an end customer.

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