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How Much A Geologist Earns In The United States And Other Countries

¿How much does a geologist make in the United States? and in other countries? The salary of a geologist in the United States it is $ 58,600 per year. If you are thinking of studying geology, stay to know how geologists’ salaries tend to vary in different countries and why you should study this profession.

The geology It is a science that studies the earth, the materials that compose it, the way in which these materials are formed, as well as the various processes that intervene in these materials over time.

Geologist salary

The salary of a geologist in the United States it ranges from $ 49,000 to $ 97,000 annually depending on your years of experience. Let’s see in more detail in the following table how much geologists working in the United States earn based on years of experience:

Less than 1 year of experience$ 48,769 per year.
1 – 4 years of experience$ 53,093 per year.
10 – 19 years of experience$ 78,820 per year.
More than 20 years of experience$ 97,426 per year.

Let’s now see what the salary of these geoscience professionals is usually in the following countries …

Geological engineer salary in Ecuador

A petroleum geologist working in Ecuador usually earns an average salary of $ 2,310 per month, but the salary range for the geology profession in Ecuador is usually $ 1,060 to $ 3,670 per month.

Ecuador is a country that has a large amount of material resources that have not yet been used, so these professionals are very necessary for that country.

Geology salary in Argentina

In Argentina, professionals in petroleum geology receive an average annual salary of ARS 906,000. The monthly salary for these geoscientists is usually in the range of ARS 37,000 to ARS 118,000. Let’s not forget that the salary can also vary depending on whether you work for the public sector or the private sector.

Geologist salary in Chile

The geology profession in Chile tends to be highly paid, since those who practice the geology profession in Chile earn an average of 3,400,000 Chilean pesos per month.

It is estimated that there will be a 26% increase in salary for this profession in the Chilean country by 2025.

Geological Engineering salary in Canada

Canada is often one of the countries with one of the strongest economies, so a geologist with several years of experience in Canada can earn a salary of $ 140,000 per year.

Geological engineer salary in Mexico

Those who practice the profession of geology in Mexico receive an average salary of 59,800 MXN per month. The range usually varies from 28,700 MXN to 93,900 MXN per month.

What does a geologist do

A geologist is a scientist who focuses on the study of the earth, the elements that compose it, how it is structured, what processes and ways of behaving the earth has when it is subjected by the variety of forces and factors that play in it .

The type of function that a geologist performs will be determined by the kind of industry in which he is practicing his profession of geology, for example working in the field to carry out research, collect data and experiment in different places as they can. be the mines, with the purpose of discovering the resources that can be extracted or exploited from it.

Other types of geologists are focused on collecting rock specimens in order to determine how much a specific sector can be worth for those mining, oil or gas companies.

On the other hand, there are those geologists who carry out research for government or university purposes, the latter usually carry out their work in laboratories.

Branches of geology

Given that geologists may have specialties in different areas of this science, let’s see below what functions they can perform according to their different branches.

  • Petroleum Geologists: They are those geologists who specialize in the research and discovery of oil, which can be used so much fuel, as well as developing methods for its extraction. You can study this career as a petroleum geologist at universities such as the University of Arizona, among others, and it can take 4 years or more to become a petroleum geologist.
  • Volcanologists: They are geologists specialized in the investigation and compilation of the activity that volcanoes may have, if you are an adventure lover, then being a volcano geologist is for you, with this you will learn the behavior of volcanoes and you will be able to make predictions about possible eruptions that these may have. If you want to become a volcano geologist, then Oregon State University is one of your best options.
  • Economic geology: Economic geologists are usually dedicated to the study of the monetary benefit that can be obtained from the valuable material that can be found on earth, such as mineral resources, as well as metallic resources. You can study this career in economic geology at universities such as University of Tasmania.
  • Engineering Geologist: Engineering geologists are those who must know how to interpret the behavior of the earth, in order to reduce the risks that may be incurred or the impact that geological phenomena may have both on the development of a civil structure, as well as well as in human development. You can study this engineering geologist career at the University Of California – Los Angeles.
  • Marine geology: Are you a lover of the oceans? So being a marine geologist dedicated to the historical study and processes of ocean floors is a geology profession that grabs your attention. This would be one of the most exciting careers, but yes or yes it is required to have a university doctorate degree, taking into account that their places are not usually so abundant. The geology career You can study marina at the University of Alabama in the United States.

So far we have seen a list of specialties in geology, according to their different branches, but there are other areas of specialization for those who wish to specialize as geologists.

Geologist work

If you want a geologist jobIt is important that you acquire a bachelor’s degree in geology or geoscience. In the course of your geology career, you can carry out field tasks to gain experience in your area of ​​expertise.

The companies that usually hire these professionals usually prefer to have a master’s or doctorate, so it is advisable not to rule out this option if you want to have a greater chance of being hired.

In the period of studying a master’s degree in geology, you can take the opportunity to perform functions as an intern focused on the area that you have decided to specialize in.

Geological engineer job

Currently there are several companies and projects that are in need of personnel as a geological engineer in the United States, if you have the requirements to have a degree as a geological engineer, either because you loved subjects such as physics, mathematics, chemistry and others. and you want to apply for any of these vacancies, then do not stop clicking here.

Importance of geology

Think about it for a moment, the discovery of different sources of valuable resources with which the world is currently moving, such as fuel mines, either oil or gas, the discovery of water sources and more, are vital resources. importance for the development of various industries and the economic growth of many countries, for this reason alone, geology is already becoming important.

But if we add to the above, the fact that there must be professionals specialized in predicting natural phenomena, such as earthquakes can be, here enters the role of that geologist specialized in seismology.

✅How much does a geological engineer earn in the United States?

The salary of a geologist in the United States it is $ 58,600 per year.

✅How much does a geologist earn in Argentina?

In Argentina, professionals in petroleum geology receive an average annual salary of ARS 906,000.

✅How much does a geologist earn in Colombia?

A geologist working in Colombia can expect to receive an average salary of 8,010,000 Colombian pesos per month.

✅How much does a geologist earn in Mexico?

Those who practice the profession of geology in Mexico receive an average salary of 59,800 MXN per month.

✅How much does a geologist earn in Chile?

Those who practice the profession of geology in Chile earn an average of 3,400,000 Chilean pesos per month.

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