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How Much a Lawyer Earns in Colombia

¿How much does a lawyer make in Colombia?? A attorney who works in Colombia usually earns an average salary of 25,975,764 Colombian pesos per year, which places law as one of the best paid careers in Colombia, stay and learn more about this profession …

Although the law profession is usually one of the busiest in Colombian territory, there are several variants for the lawyer salary in Colombia(43,146 Colombian pesos per hour on average), one of them is the company to which it provides its services or fees.

Jobs for lawyers in Colombia

Currently there are a wide variety of companies in Colombia that require legal professionals in different fields, each with different salary offers, which I will mention later.

Although it should be noted that another variant in addition to the company where a lawyer has found employment in Colombia, is also their level of experience, since many companies require a certain level of experience within their job offers.

Another factor is the field in which the lawyer is practicing profession, as we will see below a list of fields of law in Colombia, with some examples of salaries offered for lawyers in Colombia in said vacancies.

Commercial law in Colombia

Obtaining the formation and establishment of a corporation in Colombian territory can represent a complex process and the elaboration of commercial contracts as well, therefore, for this work it is necessary to have the professional profile of commercial lawyers.

Currently there are companies that need bilingual commercial lawyers, some of them require that they have at least 4 years of experience dealing with business matters and it is worth mentioning that those who have already worked in multinationals are preferred.

In the city of Bogotá, with hours from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM, they are offering a salary as a commercial lawyer (commercial lawyer Bogotá) with a salary of 2.5 to 3 million Colombian pesos, you can see more information about this vacancy here.

Tax law in Colombia

It is true that when it comes to taxation, the first thing we can think of is an accounting professional, but the truth is that there are issues related to tax, whose best professional for these cases is a tax lawyer.

Tax lawyers or tax attorneys are the ideal professionals to deal with the tax situation of a company or corporation, therefore companies need to have a professional of this profile, who can help them with their advice to avoid problems in tax matters .

If in such case, a company was slow to consult a tax lawyer about its tax situation and this company has to face the law, as far as tax issues are concerned, a tax lawyer can provide support.

In the city of Bogotá, there are open job openings, where lawyers specialized in tax law issues are requested, you can have a minimum of one year experience for your application, if you want to know about a vacancy, simply click here.

Labor law in Colombia

Employers require labor attorneys who can represent them, employees also require this legal professional profile in the event that a dispute resolution is required or in the event of negotiations.

Given that there is the possibility that union manifestations or strikes may be presented against an employer or company for which employees work, in the same way, lawyers can act in representation or defense in cases of employer against employee.

There are companies that in Colombia, in the city of Bogotá to be precise, require the profile of a lawyer specialized in labor law, with 5 years of experience, where the salary of a labor lawyer in Colombia offered is from $ 4 to $ 4.5 million. Colombian pesos.

If you think you have the qualification of lawyer specialized in labor law and you have these 5 years of experience, is vacant it may interest you.

Evidence law in Colombia

Having hired a lawyer specializing in evidentiary law is one of the best advice when having to face a criminal or judicial case before a hearing.

When a process is going to be carried out, the rules governing procedural law must be complied with or at the time of presenting evidence, it is necessary to comply with the rules or principles of evidentiary law.

Companies can be represented by a criminal judicial lawyer in case of finding themselves in a situation in which judicial charges have been formulated and for that there are lawyers specialized in evidentiary law.

Have you still not been able to practice your profession and are you one of these legal specialists? If your answer is yes, then I recommend you see various vacancies for this specialty by clicking here.

Best universities in Colombia in law

If after having read the salaries that it is possible to earn with the profession of law in Colombia and you were wondering where to study law in Colombia, then I leave you a list where I mention part of the best universities to study the law degree in Colombia:

  • Simon Bolivar University
  • Autonomous University of the Caribbean
  • Northern University
  • Atlantic University
  • University of the Andes
  • Javeriana university

I clarify that they are not all, there are many more universities to study law in Colombia that are highly recognized.

Study law in Colombia, It means entering one of the careers with the largest number of students in Colombian territory, but it does not mean that there are no opportunities for future growth as a lawyer in Colombia, as there is also the possibility that you can be a recognized independent lawyer who can earn high income.

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