How Much An Electrician Earns In The United States

¿How much does an electrician make in the United States?? The salary of an electrician In the United States it averages $ 21.89 per hour according to data from Payscale, but it is relative, since there are many variations in the salaries of electricians that we will see later …

Electricians are usually found in multiple companies in various industries, therefore the employer for which they work is usually one of the main reasons why the salary of these professionals is not the same in all contracts.

How much does an electrician make?

In terms of an employer, there are salary reports from the highest ranked companies for electricians, which offer salaries of $ 77.70 an hour, $ 46.18 an hour, $ 41.25 an hour, and $ 37.89 an hour, among other salaries offered respectively.

Does experience count? Of course, since it is another factor that has a direct impact on the salary received per hour, as a reference, according to Payscale, those electricians with 1 to 4 years of experience, usually receive a compensation of $ 17.68 per hour.

The latter shows us that those electricians who have been in the labor market for a short time, receive a lower salary than the average mentioned at the beginning of this publication, but let’s see, keep reading to discover another factor that affects the salary received by these workers. .

Another detail to consider is the state in which an electrician is working and to give you an idea, see below a list of the salaries that are received on average in the following states per month:

What does an electrician do

Whether it is a house, a commercial premises or business, school, university centers, electrical components are required to provide power to the area, since electricians are in charge of the installation and maintenance of these components that work on electricity.

One of their functions consists of the installation of wiring systems, either in manufacturing companies or new homes that have been built, taking into account that they must include the reading of plans that let them know where the circuits, plugs and sockets are located. other electricity system.

In their work they must make use of tools, either to cut or tie electrical cables, as well as measure the voltage and know if said voltage is in optimal conditions for the operation of an electrical system and ensuring a good technical work that avoids a short circuit that can lead to a fire.

An electrician must also have a good physical capacity that allows them to work in uncomfortable positions if necessary, taking into account that due to the nature of the work they do, they run the risk of being victims of an electric shock.

How to be an electrician

If it has been in your interest to become an electrician, then congratulations, because more and more constructions are being carried out and this has caused the employability rate for construction electricians to have had a rapid growth, so here are a few steps to be an electrician:

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