How Much Does a Civil Engineer Earn in Peru

¿How much does a civil engineer earn in Peru 2020? The salary of a civil engineer in Peru, is usually 75,600 soles a year on average, but although civil engineering is among the best paid careers in Peru, there are also differences in their salaries, read on to learn more about its variants …

Peru is undoubtedly a country that invests a lot in the development of its nation, for this multiple civil works are carried out that have the purpose not only of housing the number of inhabitants that is increasing more and more, but also to provide a better quality of life for the population, but for this they require having civil engineers who are a fundamental pillar for carrying out the works.

Salary of a civil engineer in Peru

The years of experience that this professional has exercising his career in civil engineering, is one of the variants directly related to the salary for the job that he occupies, for example, a recent graduate of this university career, earns an average of 46,476 soles year.

In the country of Peru, the university from which the civil engineer graduated is also another factor that makes the salary that a civil engineering professional receives vary compared to other graduates of the same field.

For example, it is said that civil engineers graduated from the National University of San Agustín in Peru, earn around 40,020 soles per year, while those who are graduates of the same career at the National University of the Center of Peru, receive salary sums of 41,196 soles per year.

On the other hand, there are those Universities from which their graduates receive higher salaries for the position of civil engineer, for example the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, from which their graduates earn 53,940 soles a year and also the Ricardo Palma University, who They graduate from the latter, earn salaries of 57,288 soles per year.

How to be a civil engineer

If after seeing the salaries that these professionals receive, you have motivated yourself to become a civil engineer, let me tell you that it is one of the best decisions, since this professional profile is currently one of the most required in the Peruvian territory, below I show you what it takes to be one of them.

The first step to become a civil engineer is to have a complete high school degree, and then look for a university that offers a degree in civil engineering, if you have already completed your high school studies, then here is a list of universities that They teach this degree, which usually lasts about 5 years on average:

  • National University of Cajamarca.
  • National University of the Altíplano.
  • National University of Santa.
  • Federico Villarreal National University.
  • National university of Trujillo.

Civil engineering as a university career or profession, also has many subspecialties, which opens more opportunities to graduates of this profession, let’s see some of the branches of specialization of this lucrative career in the country of Peru:

  • Civil construction.
  • Civil engineer with specialization in structures.
  • Hydraulic engineering.
  • Civil engineering specialized in transportation.

Sectors such as real estate and construction are becoming increasingly popular, so introducing yourself to this profession is synonymous with belonging to the class of professionals with the highest rate of employability in the labor market.

Civil Engineer Peru – Work

Construction projects that require high investments are increasingly being approved, within these investments, investment in labor is included and within this labor force, it is very necessary to have the intervention of a professional in civil engineering.

To carry out these projects, it is necessary for this professional to have high skills, since this profession is growing and to start the works that are required to be carried out in the country of Peru.

But this is not only when a work begins, but also requires that this professional be able to direct the project, without violating the regulations and ensuring compliance with the work that has been planned.

These professionals have the advantage of being able to work on different works, regardless of whether they are from the public sector or the private sector, whether they are national or foreign projects, although there are also civil engineers who prefer to work in teaching at universities.

Frequently asked questions about civil engineering in Peru

✅How much does a recently graduated civil engineer earn in Peru?

The salary of a recently graduated civil engineer in Peru is S / 31,116 per year according to the portal SalaryExpert.

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