How much does a dental filling cost in the United States?

A dental filling or restoration is a procedure to restore the shape and function of a tooth that has been damaged, usually by decay.

After the dentist removes any cavities or infected tissue, a filling is placed to prevent further damage and restore the tooth.

Some fillers wear out faster than others, and the more durable ones tend to be more expensive.

How much does a dental filling cost?

  • Amalgam filling costs $ 132
  • Resin Filler costs $ 155

For grinding wheels the prices are usually a little more expensive:

  • Amalgam filling costs $ 160
  • Resin Filler costs $ 175

Prices for a dental filling depend on where you live, whether you have dental insurance, and what your dentist decides to charge, so we cannot predict your exact cost.

Data source: FAIR Health

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