How much does a DNA test cost in the United States?

Ancestry DNA test

The objective of the DNA ancestry test is to determine from which places your roots are, then, you will be given a list with the countries from which you have ancestry ordered in a percentage from highest to lowest.

Prices for ancestry tests range from $ 99 to $ 350 depending on the kit and laboratory.

AncestryDNA: Most Recommended

According to various editorials and recommendations of hundreds of people the most recommended kit and the easiest way to do the test is with AncestryDNA buying the Kit in Amazon. Which includes a DNA test kit and the lab processing fee.

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The DNA test kit contains a saliva collection tube, complete instructions, and a prepaid return mail, so there are no additional costs for Ancestry DNA testing.

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AncestryDNA + ethnicity testing

There is a special Kit that provides additional and interesting information about the migration routes of your ancestors. Plus 18 very cool traits about you.

This test has a higher price. If you want to have as much information as possible then this will be the recommended kit to buy.

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The other most widely used DNA test is 23AndMe.

23andMe DNA test.
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How much does DNA testing cost in the United States:

DNA testPrice
23andMe$ 99
AncestryDNA$ 79
FamilyTreeDNA$ 79
MyHeritage$ 79
HomeDNA$ 59
African Ancestry$ 299
Full Genomes$ 645
LivingDNA$ 79

For example, Ancestry DNA it is an autosomal test, which means it is not limited to gender. The Ancestry test requires a saliva sample, which requires spitting into a tube. You have to make sure to put enough saliva, a little is not enough but it has to be a lot of saliva for the test to be successful and very successful.

DNA paternity test

In the United States, a DNA paternity test costs $ 99 not court approved and about $ 500 court approved in a certified laboratory.

The DNA test of paternity it is the way in which the biological relationship of a father with his son can be verified. For this test, it is essential to have the DNA of the adult and the child to determine if there is a genetic match.

So if the results show that the child and the adult generically match, then he is the biological father, but if the data does not match, he is excluded as the biological father.

Reasons to have a paternity test

  • Child support and custody
  • Inheritance rights
  • Social Security and life insurance benefits
  • Immigration

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Health DNA test

Health tests can cost anywhere from $ 99 to $ 500, depending on the laboratory chosen. However, in most cases the test is sold in conjunction with the ancestry test, so the price is usually about $ 200.

The goal of DNA health testing is to determine diseases that can be the result of a combination of genes, lifestyle, and behavior. Knowing in advance whether a person has genetic markers for a certain disease can help a person decide how to live.

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Beware of cheap prices

Choosing the lowest cost DNA test does not always mean that you will get the best quality, which is essential for such an important test. There are companies on the Internet that offer “cheap” DNA paternity tests, but if the price is very low then you should not trust as home DNA tests are not regulated like legal tests.

Many companies online look legitimate, but they run their tests in unregulated labs or ship their DNA samples outside of the US for cheaper processing.

Be careful because cheap tests often mean cheap testing methods.

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