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How Much Does A Doctor Earn In Argentina

¿How much does a doctor earn in Argentina 2022? The salary of a doctor in Argentina it is 106,000 Argentine pesos per month on average. The salary range for this health professional in Argentine territory is usually from 39,000 to 179,000 Argentine pesos per month, making it one of the best paid careers in Argentina.

Current circumstances have shown that doctors are and will be highly required, so if you have encouraged this profession in Argentina, stay and learn more about it.

How much does a doctor in Argentina earn for his years of experience?

Salaries for medical personnel in Argentine territory, like other countries, may vary depending on how long they have been practicing their profession. Below you can find a table that shows the salaries per year in Argentine pesos for these health personnel based on their years of experience:

1 – 3 years of experience1,586,977 ARS
more than 8 years of experience3,040,112 ARS

Average salaries for doctors in Argentina by cities

Medical personnel can also receive a salary that varies from city to city, let’s see the following table that shows us the average salaries per month for this medical position in different cities:

Avellaneda107,000 ARS
White Bay114,000 ARS
Buenos Aires122,000 ARS
Cordova121,000 ARS
Currents115,000 ARS
Silver119,000 ARS
Lanus108,000 ARS

Something to take into account if you have decided on the profession of medicine in Argentina, is that it is estimated that within 5 years there will be an increase of 101% for the salaries of medical personnel, reaching up to 4,578,281 according to the portal SalaryExpert.

Best paid medical specialties in Argentina

Doctors who have acquired a specialty usually acquire a higher economic remuneration, so below I list the medical specialties that receive the highest salary in the Argentine territory:

General Surgery

General surgeons working in Argentina earn an average salary of 130,000 Argentine pesos per month.


One of the medical specialists who receive the best salary in Argentina is the urologist, since the salary range for this specialty is from 80,400 to 249,000 Argentine pesos per month.


Hematologists who are practicing in Argentina can receive an average salary of 127,000 Argentine pesos per month.


Similar to the salary of the aforementioned specialty, those specialized in this branch of medicine in the territory of Argentina usually receive an average salary of 127,000 Argentine pesos per month.


The salary for this specialty is on average 138,000 Argentine pesos per month. Undoubtedly, one of the highest-paying specialties on this list.

Cardiology (invasive)

We could say that cardiology is the specialty that takes the first places in this list, since specialists in invasive cardiology receive a salary of 179,000 per month on average.

Cardiology (non-invasive)

Professionals specialized in non-invasive cardiology in Argentina can earn an average of 3,698,587 Argentine pesos per year.

Doctor’s job in Argentina

Since doctors are in demand, medical personnel specialized in different branches could not be needed for the published offers. Here are a few job vacancies for this professional profile:

Therapist doctor

It is a requirement to have a university education to apply for this call. If you are specialized in the Intensive Care Unit, this may job offer catches your attention.

To apply it is necessary that you send your resume, background history and how much you expect from salary compensation.

Clinical physician

If you are specialized in outpatient care for patients and have an age range of 30-35 years and a university degree in medicine, this is your opportunity to put your knowledge to use with this offer that you can see by clicking here.


Are you in the Buenos Aires area? If your answer is yes and you have a university degree in this profession, you can apply with this important company of home stay here.


In the Buenos Aires sector they are looking for a cardiologist with university training for outpatient clinics and much more, you can see more than are you vacancies here.

The salary for these vacancies is indefinite so it is recommended to consult in the interview in case of being summoned.

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