How Much Does a Doctor Earn in Peru 2021

¿How much does a doctor earn in Peru 2021? The salary for the profession of medicine in Peru is S /. 3,964 per month on average. The salary range for the position of doctor in Peru goes from S /. 1,500 to S /. 7,000 per month.

These salary estimates are based on data published by the portal when a list of the best paid careers in Peru was published.

What to do to be one of the highest paid in medicine? Keep reading!

Where to study medicine in Peru and be one of the best paid?

Medical professionals in Peru can receive higher salaries as a result of the university from which they graduated.

Is this your dream? The good news:

We have compiled a list of the universities from which the best paid medical professionals in Peru graduate and we show it below in the following table:

college Annual salary for medical graduates in Peru
National University of Piura S / .60,300
Pedro Ruíz Gallo National University S /. 58,560
Federico Villarreal National University S /. 58,128
National University of San Marcos S /. 52,512
Santo Torivio de Mogrovejo Catholic University S /. 50,856
Southern Scientific University S /. 50,400
Private University of Tacna S /. 49,716

The medical career in Peru usually lasts about 7 years on average, but do not stop considering the possibility of acquiring a specialization, since you will have greater job opportunities.

Surely now you are wondering:

What specialty is best for me? Go for it:

Best paid medical specialties in Peru

It is worth mentioning that to receive a salary higher than what those of general medicine can receive, it is advisable to acquire a specialization.

Even if you already have a specialty in mind that is your vocation, if you want your salary to increase, here is a list of the best paid medical specialties in Peru:


Anesthesiology specialists are in charge of administering anesthesia to patients so that they do not feel pain at the time of surgical interventions.

The salary for anesthesiologists in Peru is on average S /. 72,000 per year. The duration of this specialty is usually 3 years.

Do you have a passion for anesthesiology? Then don’t think twice and enroll in one of the following universities to study anesthesiology in Peru:


The otolaryngology specialty is a specialty that focuses on treating patients with problems of the ear, throat, and nose.

The professional in this specialty will also be able to care for patients with health problems related to facial structures and also perform surgical interventions.

These specialists earn an average of S /. 73,200 per year.

You can study this specialty at the following universities with a duration of 3 years:


Specialists in the detection and treatment of hormonal conditions usually receive an average salary of S /. 76,200 per year.

The duration of this specialty is usually 3 years on average.


These specialists in the medical care of patients with injury problems, whether due to car accidents or requiring immediate attention, usually receive an average salary of S /. 78,000 per year.

The duration of this specialty is 3 years and you can study it at universities such as:


Specialists in the treatment of brain diseases usually earn an average of S /. 79,800 per year.

The duration of this educational program is usually 3 years on average.

General Surgery

A specialist in providing surgical care to patients with various pathological conditions earns an average of S /. 82,800.

The teaching periods for this specialty are usually 3 years on average and can be taken at universities such as:


Medicine in Peru is usually very well paid, but specializing will always be the right decision, not only for a salary increase, but also for better opportunities in the job market.

Frequent questions:

✅❤️How much does a surgeon earn in Peru 2020?

The average salary for surgeons in Peru for 2020 has been S /. 9,000 per month with at least 2 years of experience. These data are based on offers found on various portals.

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