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How Much Does A News Anchor Earn In Colombia

¿How much does a news anchor make in Colombia? The salary of a news anchor in Colombia It is 41,861,317 Colombian pesos per year on average, but it can have variations depending on the level of experience of said professional, but … Is it one of the best paid careers in Colombia? stay to know more about the profession of television journalism.

There are many who wish they were one of the Snail news anchors for example, as a way not only to develop your passion, but also to become popular with society, but let’s see more about how much does a news anchor make according to estimated salaries within the Colombian territory.

How much does a journalist earn in Colombia?

According to the SalaryExpert portal, news anchors With a level of experience of 1 to 3 years, they usually have salaries of 29,625,285 Colombian pesos per year, so if we divide it by the 12 months of the year, it gives us a figure of 2,468,773 Colombian pesos per month on average.

This makes it clear that the salary of a journalist it can vary depending on the years of experience, because if we see those who have more than 8 years practicing their profession, then we can already speak of about 4,342,619 Colombian pesos per month respectively.

The salary may also vary in the case of a job offer for a bilingual presenter on a weekly web newscast, which gives as a reference that additional skills such as command of a second language also have an impact on the salary offered.

What does a news anchor do

As its name implies, the function of a news anchor is to present the new news regarding events that occur in the territory of a nation, either by television or radio, but not limited to informing the public. viewers or radio audience, on situations that occur internationally or in other countries.

However, the job of a news anchor is not only to report events to viewers, their work actually involves other duties that they must fulfill in their working hours, which include:

  • Communicate with other colleagues to be aware of new information that must be presented to the audience about events that occurred at the local, national or international level.
  • Organize the news to be transmitted, so that the audience can receive said information in a chronological order, in a way that can convince the audience of the information presented.
  • Carry out the writing and review of scripts to use them at the time of presenting themselves to the audience.
  • Conduct interviews with people who are invited to the newsroom on specific topics that are trending at the moment, for example political issues.

While it is true that most of the work of news anchors It is usually carried out in a study area, there are times when they must travel to the place of the events that occurred, in order to transmit said information live.

How to be a news anchor

The first step to becoming a newscaster is study journalismTaking into account that you must develop good communication and writing skills, but the advantage of this profession is that it is a career with high demand in Colombia.

Have you decided on this profession? If your answer is yes and you don’t know where to study a degree in journalism in Colombia and social communicationHere is a list of universities to study this career with an average duration of 10 semesters:

  • University of Antioquia
  • University of the Valley.
  • Technological University of Pereira.

Take into account that being a News presenter, It also gives you the opportunity to have a large number of followers, as it is important that you have a presence on social networks and achieving a good reputation from the audience in this profession is definitely a factor that helps to be promoted or requested. by companies that can offer you a better economic remuneration.

Therefore, a good recommendation is to develop charisma as a plus point in order to earn good comments from the audience.

Frequent questions

✅How much does a television presenter in Colombia earn per hour?

The television presenter’s salary is usually 20,755 Colombian pesos per hour.

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