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How Much Does a Nurse Earn in Colombia

¿How much does a nurse earn in Colombia? The salary of a nurse in Colombia It is 25,752,624 Colombian pesos per year on average. These figures are based on published offers for the position of head nurse.

Nurses usually have a quick job exit, but keep reading to the end to learn more reasons why you should choose this profession.

The salary of a nurse in Colombia It is in a range of 7,260,000 to 55,488,000 Colombian pesos per year.

How much does a head of nursing earn in Colombia?

One of the main factors that determines how much does a nurse earn in Colombia It is the time that he has been practicing his profession.


For reference, chief nurses Those who are recent graduates in Colombia or with less than one year of experience can find vacancies whose salary offered is 1,200,000 and up to 2,100,000 Colombian pesos per month.

A head of nursing in Colombia can also earn a salary of up to 42,000,000 Colombian pesos per year under the professional services contract for the emergency or intensive care area.

The sector where you are working will also be another factor that usually influences the salaries that these professionals can earn.


For example, those head nurses who work in care entities for the elderly can receive a salary of 30,000,000 Colombian pesos per year.

Convinced to study this profession? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to answer the next question …

What are the requirements to study nursing in Colombia?

The first requirement to be admitted by the universities to study an educational program in nursing is to have a high school bachelor’s degree.


The other requirement you must meet if you want to be successful in your nursing curriculum is to have the following characteristics:

  • High degree of social responsibility.
  • Be an empathetic person.
  • Interest in the various conditions in which patients may find themselves.
  • Ethics.
  • Vocation to help people.

If you meet the aforementioned requirements, it is time for you to enter nursing school, but …

Where can you study nursing in Colombia?

Nursing educational programs seek to train professionals capable of contributing to people’s health care and improving their quality of life through adequate care, executing the best nursing practices in order to meet the need of social reality.


If you still do not know in which nursing school to enroll to start your study plan, below I show you a list of universities that offer the nursing training program in Colombia:

  • National university of Colombia.
  • ECCI University.
  • Antonio Nariño University (UAN).
  • El Bosque University.

How long does the nursing career last in Colombia?

Undergraduate nursing education programs in Colombia typically last 8-10 full-time semesters.

You can regularly find these educational programs available in daytime sessions and in person.

Head nurse employment Bogotá

Currently there are a large number of vacancies published for the position of head nurse in the city of Bogotá.

The salaries offered in this city for this professional profile usually have their variations, but on average it oscillates the 2,200,000 Colombian pesos per month. Let’s not forget that you also have to add the benefits by law.

It is essential that in order to be a candidate to be selected, you have complete university training. Some of the most demanded nursing profiles in Bogotá are:

  • Head Nurse Specialist in Nephrology.
  • Chief nurse specialized in epidemiology.
  • Head nurse for outpatient consultation.
  • Childcare Head Nurse.

Among others.

Frequent questions:

✅How many hours does a nurse work in Colombia?

The maximum duration established by law is 48 hours a week, including the nurses’ working hours.

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