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How Much Does a Photographer Earn? You’ll be surprised…

¿How much does a photographer make?? The salary of a photographer in Mexico is 120,000 MXN per year. The salary for photographers is in a range of 48,000 MXN to 252,000 MXN per year. If you are thinking of making a living from photography, stay to learn more about how salaries vary in different countries and how these professionals work.

Photographers are professionals dedicated to taking pictures either using digital cameras or for film. Usually whenever there is a special event, be it sports, film, or commercial, the photographers are always there, but … Are they generally well paid?

How much does a photographer charge regularly?

The salary of a photographer initially it varies depending on the country or location where you are providing your photography services. To be more specific and detailed, let’s see the figures for the following countries.


A photographer who works in the United States regularly receives an average salary of $ 65,878 per year. In the US, the salary for this professional is in a range that goes from $ 52,656 to $ 74,876 per year.


You were wonderingHow much does a photographer earn in Argentina? A professional photographer working in Argentina earns a salary ranging from ARS 264,000 to ARS 708,000 per year.


Professional photographers practicing in Spain receive a salary that varies from 12,000 euros to 18,000 euros per year. For professional photographers we have found that the highest hourly wage is 17.20 euros.


Professionals dedicated to the profession of photography in Colombia receive an average salary of 1,300,000 to 1,500,000 Colombian pesos per month.


This figure has been acquired after making an exhaustive compilation of various vacancies in which professional photographers in cities such as:

  • Bogota
  • Cali.
  • Pereira.
  • Cundinamarca.
  • Cauca’s Valley.

Among other cities of the Colombian territory.

How does a freelance photographer work?

While there are photographers who often work as company employees, there are also those who serve as freelance photographers.


Most professional photographers tend to take photos of social events such as weddings or studio photos such as portraits of a school or college graduation.

In addition, photographers also often take photographs that will be used to promote a product, service, brand, building projects or sporting events.

As these freelance photographers work for different clients, they begin to create a portfolio that they can present to future clients and thus increase their client portfolios.

While some professional photographers are dedicated to charging their services by the hour, there are those who charge for the number of photos taken.

What types of photographers are there?

The profession of photographer allows various fields of specialization. Let’s see in more detail the different types of professional photography that exist:

Portrait photographers

This type of photography professional usually works with people who are not necessarily television or brand models. They are people who hire these photographers for a photo shoot for a particular event such as a graduation or family event.

Wedding photographer

How many times have we not seen a movie or television series where the wedding scene is presented and a photographer appears taking the photograph of the leading couple of that new marriage. Also in real life we ​​have been able to witness it either at our own wedding or at that of a friend or family member.

This is one of the main places where a photographer works.

Fashion photographer

Fashion photographers are engaged in photo sessions for various launch items such as specific brand clothing, hairstyle, makeup, a new car launched by some car brand, in short.


These photographers can work either as freelancers or they can also be hired full time by a company for advertising purposes.

Real estate photographer

These photographers who specialize in taking photos within the real estate industry are often key to the success of a real estate agency that is trying to sell their projects. These photography professionals must pay close attention to detail so that there is a good image quality that positively impacts the target audience.

Travel photographer

This modality was used by many photographers, but today they prefer to earn money through blogs or web pages that talk about cultures, travel or various landscapes.


Photojournalists are those who take and edit images on news reports that are related to different eventualities that have occurred in the real world, as well as the events that are presented through the newspapers.

Those who dedicate themselves to making a living from photographic journalism may be employees of a magazine or journalism company located in their locality, photographic agency or they may also be freelance photographers.

Architectural photographers

Architectural photographers must take special care with the details for the photographic shots, since it is essential to have a good angle to present an image that shows in great detail the infrastructure that you want to present, whether it is from the inside or exterior of said infrastructure or building project.

Gastronomic photographer

This type of photographer must use techniques that provoke an appetite in the observer for the images that are presented in recipe books or magazines, restaurant food menus.

Sports photographer

Sports photographers are those who are specialized in taking photographic shots of individual performance athletes, sporting events such as Olympic games, marathons, soccer games, among others.

These photography professionals usually work either for sports magazines, advertising agencies or also independently.

Newborn Photographers

This is a very delicate specialty of photography that involves being very tactful and careful, since the life of a baby that has just emerged from the mother’s womb is at stake.

Landscape photographer

This specialty of photography is usually focused on taking images of natural environments or also of cities from a broad perspective.

In addition to working in photographic agencies, they can also work for a tourist company taking images in which an impactful view can be perceived in order to attract the sight of tourists so that they are encouraged to visit that destination.

Aerial photographers

For many, it may seem like an adventure to be a photographer who usually works from airplanes, helicopters, parachutes or using drones. These photographers must work this way as clients often ask for images that are taken from a higher angle perspective.

Free photography course

If you have chosen to make a living from photography, the best thing is that you receive quality training and learn the techniques of analog and digital photography that will help you generate quality images for your future clients and thus enrich your portfolio more and more. That is why taking a photography course is one of the most important steps you should take. Here is a list of courses that you can take now:

⭐Where does a photographer work?

Photographers can work either in photo agencies, magazines, advertising companies or independently attending various types of events.

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