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How Much Does a Physiotherapist Earn in Colombia

¿How much does a physiotherapist earn in Colombia?? The salary of a physiotherapist in Colombia It is 1,620,456 Colombian pesos per month on average. The salary range for physiotherapy in Colombian territory according to published offers varies from 1,100,000 to 2,400,000 Colombian pesos per month.

Will it be profitable to work as a physiotherapist in Colombia? Keep reading!

Physiotherapy is one of the professions related to health care, but although it is not one of the highest paid careers in Colombia, this does not imply that physiotherapists should not have a deep knowledge of the functioning of the body and various techniques to treat patients .

How much does a physical therapist earn by location in Colombia?

For the position of physical therapy, salaries can vary by location, years of experience, type of specialty, and by employer.

Below we show you in great detail a table with the salaries found for these professionals in physiotherapy in Bogotá and Cundinamarca:

CityQualificationExperienceMonthly salaryAnnual salary
CundinamarcaPhysiotherapist for hospitalization1 year2,300,00027,600,000
CundinamarcaPhysiotherapist for ICU1 year2,400,00028,800,000
BogotaPart-time physical therapist1 year1,100,00013,200,000
BogotaPhysiotherapist1 year1,600,000 – 1,800,00019,200,000 – 21,600,000
BogotaPhysiotherapist with experience in respiratory therapy1 year1,620,45619,445,472

Why study physiotherapy in Colombia?

The first reason why you should choose study a degree in physical therapy, is the wide field of work that it has.

If at this time you have a physiotherapist degree, you could work in:

  • Hospitals.
  • Intensive care facilities.
  • Home care services.
  • Public health units.
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Recreation centers.
  • Sport centers.
  • Research.
  • Nursing homes
  • Work as a freelancer.

The second reason goes hand in hand with the previous point and in this case we are talking about the various physiotherapy specialties that you can choose. A physical therapist can specialize in the following branches:

  • Cardiorespirology.
  • Geriatrics.
  • Neurosciences.
  • Sporty.
  • Women’s health.
  • Clinical electrophysiology.
  • Orthopedic.
  • Wound management.

The third reason it has to do with the human vocation.

That is, you will be a professional who will attend to people of different ages with different physical ailments, helping them either to:

  • Breathe better.
  • Reduce pain.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Maintain a healthy physical activity.
  • Strengthening and flexibility.

Among other.

Physiotherapy career in Colombia

The physiotherapy educational programs aim to train health professionals with sufficient knowledge and skills to evaluate, treat, rehabilitate and advise people with different physical ailments that can impair their body movement.

This also includes the prevention of physical ailments.

The duration of the program degree in physiotherapy It usually lasts from 8 to 10 semesters and is usually face-to-face during the day.

In the teaching periods of the career in physiotherapy, students acquire the necessary knowledge through subjects such as:

  • Biology.
  • Biophysics.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Health Psychology.
  • Prescription of the exercise.
  • Evaluation and diagnosis.

Among other subjects that are studied throughout the program.

Admission profile

The requirements to study physiotherapy in Colombia They begin by having a high school diploma completed.

Physiotherapy is a profession for you if:

  • You like helping people.
  • You have a good disposition of service.
  • You have critical thinking.
  • You are a creative person.
  • Responsibility characterizes you.
  • Ethics is part of your principles.
  • You like to interact with people.
  • You are passionate about health sciences.

Exit Profile: What Employers Are Looking For

What can you expect from these educational programs when you graduate? What will your gifts or abilities be? Let’s see your graduation profile:

  • You will be able to lead and manage plans and projects related to the health of the movement.
  • You will have the necessary knowledge for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with therapeutic conditions.
  • You will be able to make effective use of new technological tools used in physiotherapy.

Universities that offer physiotherapy courses in Colombia

  • Rosario University.
  • Savannah College.
  • Free University.
  • Santiago de Cali University.
  • University of Cauca.

Among other.


The physiotherapist is not the professional with the highest salaries in the Colombian territory, but he does have a wide field of specialization and performance to serve the health of patients.

Frequently asked questions about the profession of physiotherapy in Colombia:

✅How long is the physiotherapy career in Colombia?

The physiotherapy degree program in Colombia usually lasts 8 to 10 semesters.

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