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How Much Does a Policeman Earn in Colombia 2021

¿How much does a police officer earn in Colombia 2021? The salary of a police officer in Colombia it is 31,622,142 per year on average.

If you are interested in protecting and serving society by maintaining peace and public order, stay to learn more about how much you can earn as a Colombian police officer.

The National Police of Colombia is an institution in which you can start a career as a professional and develop your leadership skills as a patrolman. This institution has the advantage of being non-discriminatory and inclusive. But … how well paid can you get?

How much does a national police officer earn in Colombia by rank?

Experience counts first. For example, a recently graduated police officer earns an average of 2,120,176 Colombian pesos per month, without deducting the gross salary received. A very generous starting salary for someone just starting to work in Colombia.

The salary of a police officer in Colombia It tends to increase as he rises through the ranks, for example a second sergeant who has been in the police force for at least 10 years, the average salary they receive is 3,302,333 Colombian pesos per month with public order.

On average, the discounts they receive per month for the salary of a second sergeant is 392,767 Colombian pesos. Salaries for officers with the rank of second sergeant are higher if they are on patrol.

On the other hand, police officers with the rank of captain of the Colombian army receive an average monthly salary of 5,531,730 Colombian pesos per month with public order.

On the other hand, if you do not have public order, you can receive a salary of 4,916,197 Colombian pesos per month. Without a doubt, it is quite a significant difference when compared to the salary of second sergeants.

How many hours does a police officer work in Colombia?

As a general rule, police officers work 8 hours a day.

How to be a police officer in Colombia?

If you are looking to obtain a bachelor’s degree as a patrolman and be part of the Colombian National Police, then it is necessary that you meet the following requirements:

  • Colombian nationality.
  • High school.
  • Of legal age, but under the age of 27.
  • In case of being accredited with a degree in professional technical, technological or professional education from a university, the maximum age that is accepted is 30 years.
  • Not being married and not having children. You must remain single throughout the training process with the police.
  • Qualification equal to or greater than 40 points of the ICFES.
  • Not having a criminal record where they have been deprived of liberty.
  • Not having been sanctioned in a fiscal or disciplinary way.
  • Not be in any type of criminal, fiscal or disciplinary investigation process.
  • Not having any pending case for a fine as a result of behaviors that go against coexistence, as established in Law 1801 of 2016.
  • Valid driving license of type A1 AND B1.

To be accepted it is also advisable to owe fines that have been imposed as a result of violating the traffic rules.

Once the course is finished you will be able to acquire a title of “Professional Technician in the Police Service”.

How much does the National Police patrol course cost in Colombia?

The entrance costs to study the patrolman high school are in a range of 10,600,000 to 10,700,000 Colombian pesos.

It should be noted that the ICETEX – National Police has financial support programs for those who wish to take their bachelor’s degree as a patrolman. You can check more information clicking here.

Frequent questions

✅How long is the police patrol course?

The duration of the training program from bachelor to patrolman is 1 year in face-to-face mode.

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