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How Much Does a Psychiatrist Earn In Argentina 2021

¿How much does a psychiatrist earn in Argentina 2021? The salary of a psychiatrist in Argentina It is usually an average of 1,746,885 Argentine pesos per year.

The main factors that affect the salary of psychiatry specialists usually result from the years of experience they have practicing their profession and the entity for which they work, let’s see in more detail how much do psychiatrists earn.

Study a specialty in psychiatry, it opens many doors for you in the professional world, but also, becoming a professional in the treatment of mental illnesses represents a good monetary remuneration, stay and see how the salary of a psychiatrist and its different variants.

How much does a psychiatrist earn in Argentina for his years of experience?

According to the SalaryExpert portal, those psychiatrists who have an entry level, that is, those who have been practicing their profession for 1 to 3 years, earn average salaries of 1,219,762 Argentine pesos annually, which places psychiatry as one of the best paid careers in Argentina for those who have just entered the labor field.

On the other hand, there are those specialists in psychiatry who have been practicing their career for more than 8 years, also known as higher-level psychiatrists, who earn up to $ 2,329,471 Argentine pesos per year, which we could point to as a considerable difference in the salary of a professional in the field of psychiatry.

Another factor that can determine how much does a psychiatrist makeIt is the medical center, hospital center or clinic for which you work, in the same way that your salary may also be different from one city to another.

Although the truth is also that if you are looking for a psychiatrist job in Argentina, there are job vacancies for psychiatrists, in which home hospitalization companies, as well as vacancies requesting the professional profile of the psychiatrist for the treatment of disorders related to eating habits, whose salary offered is not necessarily specified.

How much does a psychiatrist charge in Argentina per hour?

A psychiatrist in Argentina charges ARS 1,047.53 per hour on average according to the SalaryExpert portal. It is also estimated that by 2025 the salary of a psychiatrist will have an increase of 101%.

How much does a psychiatrist charge for consultation in Argentina?

Instead of practicing as employees, many psychiatrists have their own practice and therefore the prices per consultation usually vary, so below we show you a table with the prices of psychiatry consultation in Argentina:

Prices of consultation in psychiatry in Argentina

$ 1,000
$ 1,200
$ 1,500
$ 1,800
$ 2,000
$ 4,000

What does a psychiatrist do?

The main role of a psychiatrist It consists of the diagnosis and treatment of patients who present mental and emotional health disorders and also behavioral problems that they may have, which leads to a review of the patient’s medical or clinical history.

Given that each patient that the psychiatrist treats can turn out to be a different case in most cases, the type of treatment that the psychiatrist is going to use may have its variations, either with medicines, talk therapies, among other techniques used. by psychiatric professionals.

Many of the techniques that psychiatrists use are used in order to identify if the symptoms that a patient usually presents are directly related to psychiatry, some physical medical condition or perhaps a mixture of the two.

The day-to-day life of a psychiatric professional may be different depending on the environment in which they work, since the functions of a psychiatrist They can be performed in private practices, hospital and psychiatric centers, university clinics, nursing homes, among other work environments where there are or attend patients who require psychiatric care.

How to be a psychiatrist

If you have a desire to become a professional in the care of mental disorders, one of the first requirements to be a psychiatrist is to acquire a degree in medicine, because as you have already seen throughout this publication, psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in the branch of psychiatry.

Once you have a medical degree, you can take the next step, which consists of study psychiatry specialization, in which you will be able to acquire the knowledge that will allow you to carry out procedures or interventions of a therapeutic nature, whether you are going to practice in the public or private sector.

Another detail that you must take into account is if you feel that you comply with the attitudes or mentality that usually characterize psychiatric professionals, for example, it would be good if you answer the following questions:

  • Are you a patient person?
  • Do you consider yourself a compassionate person?
  • Do you usually have a good observation?
  • Are interpersonal skills your strong suit?

If you answered yes to the previous questions, then it means that the path of psychiatry may be your calling, since you need to have the aforementioned attitudes and skills when caring for patients with mental health problems.

Where to study psychiatry in Argentina

If you wish study psychiatry in Argentina, you must take into account that sacrifice is needed for this specialty, although the duration of this career is usually about 3 years, you can take the psychiatry career or better known as career as a specialist in psychiatry at universities such as:

  • Buenos Aires’ University.
  • National University of Cordoba.
  • National University of Lanús.

The advantage of studying the field of psychiatry is that it offers different areas of subspecialties that can further open the doors to specialists in psychiatry, let’s see some of these subspecialties that can be acquired:

  • Forensic psychiatry.
  • Addiction psychiatry.
  • Geriatric psychiatry.
  • Emergency psychiatry.
  • Biological psychiatry.

Among other.

As you can see, psychiatry is a fairly broad field of medicine, so it is worth investing additional years of training to become a psychiatrist specializing in one of the subareas of psychiatry that you are most passionate about.

Psychiatry courses

If you are already a health professional and you are thinking of taking a specialized psychiatry course in one of its areas, on the internet you can find a large number of courses that will help you expand your knowledge, such as:

Forensic psychiatry course
Eating Disorders Course
Telepsychiatry Course
Course of Clinical Management of Resistant Depression

✅How much does a psychiatrist charge for a consultation in Argentina?

Online consultation prices for psychiatry in Argentina can range from $ 1,000 to $ 4,000

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