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How much does it cost to change the name of a car in the USA

To change ownership of a vehicle, the owner and designated recipient must complete a vehicle title transfer with the DMV. These are the situations in which a transfer of ownership of the vehicle would be required:

  • Sell ​​or buy a car
  • Transfer to the family
  • Inheritance of a vehicle
  • Pay off a loan
  • Give away or donate a vehicle
  • Make name corrections

How much does it cost to change the name of a car

The DMV will charge you $ 15 to transfer the title if you pay for it within 30 days of purchase.

However, that is not the only fee you have to pay. You also have to pay the tax on the use of the vehicle which will depend on the county in which you live. As usual, 10% of the total value of the vehicle is paid.

Also, if the vehicle is more than 4 years old then you have to pay a pollution control in which it is verified that the vehicle has controlled smog (smoke). In general, this verification should be done by the seller of the vehicle.

If it is a gift, use tax does not apply but a declaration of fact form must be completed – REG 256

How much does it cost to change license plates from one state to another in the USA

Each state has different prices, but to give you an idea, the price is between 20 and 80 dollars to change plates. For example, in the State of Texas the cost of changing plates is $ 50.75 USD, keep in mind that the mentioned prices can change at any time.

Also, if you want to put the vehicle in your name, you have to do the title paperwork which can cost approximately $ 90 in the city of Texas.

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