How much does the immigration medical exam cost

Today I am going to tell you everything about how much the immigration medical examination costs to get the Green Card and I am also going to tell you about my personal experience and also I am going to tell you how much it cost me and also what tests they did, because I think it is very It is important to know everything you need for this exam as this way we are more prepared and psyched up. The medical examination is from the I693 form which is downloaded online on the USCIS help page, all they have to do is look in the forms part or they have to put the number I and then 693 and there it will come out. the form that is called Report of medical examination and vaccination record.

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How much does the Migration Medical Exam cost?

The medical examination for migration has a cost about $ 200, this may vary depending on the clinic. So this process is actually going to ask you for vaccines that you have had to have and that you have probably had from the moment you were born until today.

I cannot tell you how many vaccines you need from each one because my age is different from yours and each vaccine depends on the age you are in and also on the state of the year we are in, whether it is summer, winter, fall and spring.

Where do you get a doctor for this test?

The doctor cannot be just any doctor, you cannot go to your favorite doctor and tell them that I can do this exam, not because this exam is super special and on the USCIS page what you have to put in the information bar is: Medical exam It’s that simple and there they are going to tell you are you inside the US or you are outside.

If you are in the US, they give you a link where you just have to press and there you have to put the circus where you are or the zip code where you are and once you enter it, the entire list of doctors will vote for you. that are like that close to you. The doctor who is inside the US is called a civilian doctor and the one who is outside the US is going to be called a panel doctor, so it is not that you can go as I told any doctor to do that form, you do not have to go only to authorized places and for that and you have to make an appointment beforehand and then find out how much it is

Additional costs of the immigration medical examination

They will also ask you to get any vaccines you need, they will tell you the list of those you need. In my case, I needed two vaccines which were priced from $ 120 to $ 150. That is an approximate of $ 60 dollars per vaccine.

You have to get all the vaccinations that they indicate to be able to continue with the process. The vaccines can be given right there or if you want to get a cheaper price, then you can ask them and they will surely tell you a pharmacy where they can inject you at a slightly cheaper cost, possibly you will save about 10 or 15 dollars which really isn’t much.

I hope it helps

If they are in this process, really, be very calm, very patient, the process is a bit exhausting and a bit stressful and you have to be very patient but things happen and flow.

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