How To Clean A Fish Bowl Without Harming Your Fish

How To Clean A Fish Bowl Without Harming Your Fish

Fishes do not get easily accustomed to living inside an aquarium or fish bowl. Some would die eventually because this does not provide adequate lighting, heat and circulation of oxygen. But you can minimize its disadvantage of having one by improving their living conditions through learning on how to clean a fish bowl. Here are some techniques in cleaning your fish bowls.

Let us get started by filling some pitchers or pails with tap water that is fresh. With the use of a water conditioner that is bought in pet shops, drop it on the pitcher as much as desired or per the manufacturer’s instructions. Leave it there for 24 hours.

To prevent your fishes from dying because of temperature shock when they are transferred, see to it that the pitchers you have prepared all have the same temperature as the water in the fish bowl. You may check the temperature buy dipping your finger into the bowl and pitcher. Again, avoid extreme temperatures for the fishes might die. Now that you know this step already, it would be better to prepare the pitchers ahead of time.

After 24 hours has elapsed, you may recheck the temperature of both bowls. Using a net, transfer the fish one by one to the pail with new water, gently do this so that they would not jump off the net. Dispose the dirty bowl’s water into the sink or toilet bowl. Then, you may use a strainer for faux plants and rocks when draining.

You may start washing the fish bowl with the use of a rag. Never use soap when cleaning the fish bowl since soap residue might be left and may harm the fishes. Same thing applies also in cleaning the faux plants and other aquarium designs – use water only while in the strainer. You may shake the strainer to ensure that all dirt and other particles will be drained off. Expect that some debris may still be left, but there is nothing to worry for as long as most of the dirt is already removed.

Since you are done cleaning your fish bowl you may start reassembling them. Then, pour the water and fishes from the pitcher or pail to the fish bowl.

Always be guided by the manufacturer’s instruction of the fish food when feeding them. Too much food given to them would cause over clouding of the aquarium. Excess food remains would be one of the reasons why there is a need for you to clean your fish bowl every now and then. So better yet, read the fish food’s instructions provided. In this way, you will be able to conserve time. You may also establish a habit of regularly cleaning your fish bowl every 7 to 10 days or depending on the size of the aquarium and number of fishes inside it. Always follow the same principles stated above when cleaning. See to it also that your fishes are able to move freely. Avoid overcrowding by putting an adequate number of fishes, corals and faux plants.

Having fishes as your pet is not only for decorative purposes but it also entails responsibility to take good care of them. In this way, you are able to live the real purpose of having them in your home.


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