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How to Clean A Z Leader Visor

Visors are very important gears in protecting our eyes. People use visors for various reasons. There are jobs and tasks that greatly require the use of protective eye gears such as visors. One of these is the mining job. Miners should always have their eyes protected especially when they are under the caves and mountains hammering and trying to mine out gold and precious metals under. Helmets should also come with a good visor to help motorists protect their eyes from the extreme heat of the bright sun. Visors are also one of the most essential protective gears used in different sports such as hockey and football.

There are several brands of visors available in the market today. Various materials such as plastic also make up the visors. Because of the need of people to use visors, there are also technological advances developed to be able to make the best and the most useful and effective visor for people.

One of the brands that offer great quality of visors is Z leader. Their visor products and other protective eyewear use a unique and topmost technology that ensures people a high quality of visor product. Not only that Z leader have great and durable materials in producing and manufacturing their visors, you can also see that the aesthetic quality and the safety features of the product is at the top of the line. One fascinating feature of the Leader visors is that it employs an anti-fogging and anti-scratch technology. Their visor can also resist great force or impact. However, even if their visors have lesser chances to get a scratch or look foggy, it is also important that you keep the visors clean and always maintained.

Whether you use your Leader visor with your helmet when you play hockey, football or other sport, or whether you use it while enjoying the road with your motorcycle, or you use it on your mining, welding, or construction jobs, you should always know the best way to clean them. Here are some tips to clean your Z-Leader Visor:

  • After using your visor, immediately wipe them with a soft cloth to avoid grimes and dirt building up on your visor. Gently rub your visor with a cloth to get rid of the dusts that stick on it. Make sure to use a lint-free cloth or a real polishing cloth to prevent your visor to have scratches.
  • If the Z leader visor is made of acrylic, you had better use water and soap solution to clean it. It is a big no-no to clean your acrylic visors with a solution containing ammonia. One cleaning detergent that usually has ammonia is Windex so avoid using that cleaner if you have an acrylic Z Leader visor. The ammonia substance can cause the acrylic visor to get brittle over the course of time.
  • There are also cleaner available in the market made especially for Z-Leader visor. You can check out CCM Z-Leader Visor Cleaner in most online shops. Manufacturers specifically developed it for the Supra Half and Full Z-Leader visor. It employs an extreme and advanced cleaning formula for the visors. It can also regenerate the anti-fog coating of the visor.

Taking care of your eyes also means that you have to maintain all the visors and protective gears that you have for your eyes.

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