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How to Clean after MRSA

Methicillin-resistantStaphylococcus aureus is otherwise known as the superbug. It can lodge onto your nose, get through your lungs and have an overwhelming proliferation there. This strain of staphylococcus bacteria is tough! It is highly resistant to antibiotics. This is an alarming infection in the hospitals. Health care professionals should be cautious enough not to transfer the bacteria to other sick patients. You can do something about this by knowing all the necessary measures to prevent acquiring such disease.

Here are some ways on How to Clean After MRSA:

  1. Ridding the home of dust should be done as frequent as possible. Dust particles may carry dead skin and these dead skin cells in turn may carry MRSA. Inhalation of contaminated dust particles is only one way of how it may be transmitted. Carpets should also be vacuumed and washed at least twice a month.
  2. Wash all items where you think the infected person may have come into contact with under hot water. Afterwards, let them dry under the heat of the sun. This would aid in further killing the germs.
  3. Bleach all clothes including the dark ones since color safe bleach solutions are already available in the market.
  4. In the event of an outbreak, beddings should be changed every day to lessen the risk of transmission.
  5. Sharing of clothes, razors, towels, drinks and food is not a good idea. Observe proper personal hygiene all the time.
  6. The infected person’s soap and other personal items should not be shared with anybody. It may shock you that even a clean item like soap may harbor germs- but it does! So, keep them separated from your other toiletries.
  7. Bleach your floors and walls as necessary. Spray it on your phone, furniture, door knobs, remotes and light switches with Lysol or any other disinfecting agent. This one is important so make sure that you do this daily.
  8. Toilets should always be cleaned off with an antibacterial wipe before and after use.
  9. Instruct the infected person to cover any sores with gauze or bandage at all times.
  10. The infected person should be given his own seat, utensils, plate and bed at home until he is completely cured. This way, you would be able to lessen the risk of contamination.
  11. Hand washing should be done religiously not only before eating but as often as necessary. Since MRSA is airborne, always cover your nose when sneezing or coughing to prevent inhalation of bacteria.
  12. Practice a healthy lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet and having a regular exercise will help boost your immune system. Regular check up should be done if you are infected with such bacteria or you suspect that you may be a possible carrier. Rest is also vital so that your immune system would not be very low and make you susceptible to acquiring all sorts of infections and diseases.
  13. Never share or use roll-on deodorant with an infected person. This increases your chances of having MRSA boils on your armpit.
  14. MRSA could be anywhere. So be cautious in shaking hands with other people. When shopping in the mall avoid handling items too much.Education is your only weapon against this infection. Spread the information on how to clean after MRSA and be a hero in your community.

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